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M’sian BF Splurges Hard-Earned Money on LV Bag for GF As It’s His Duty to Make Her Happy



Loving Bf Worked Hard and Bought Louis Vuitton For Gf Because She Has Back Pain - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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Buying flowers or cooking dinner are some of the romantic gestures we would do for our significant other, right? Well, one guy has just taken it up a notch as he bought his girlfriend a Louis Vuitton (LV) handbag after months of hard work.

According to Mothership, a Malaysian guy, Eugene Ng went to extreme lengths to afford an LV bag for his beloved girlfriend.

Source: Facebook

It all began when his girlfriend complained about having a backache and he pointed out that it was due to her huge bag. FYI, it weighed about 2 to 3kg! 

He then asked her to use a smaller-sized bag but she refused to because she doesn’t like small bags. However, Eugene knows his girlfriend better because he was sure that she would shift to a smaller bag if it was from her favourite brand, Louis Vuitton. A very attentive BF! 

Source: Facebook

So, the next day (9 July), he brought his girlfriend to Pavillion, KL to shop for handbags. At first, they visited Gucci but the girlfriend showed no interest in the store, so they went to LV right after that. While in the LV store, the girlfriend was loving her time there as she scouted for her new favourite bag.

Source: Facebook

After pinning down her preference to three bags, she finally chose one bag which was moderately priced compared to the other two. Although Eugene preferred the oblong-shaped bag, he supported his girlfriend’s choice because her happiness mattered to him.

After choosing the bag, the girlfriend was still reluctant about buying it and insisted that she could get a normal bag. Nonetheless, he set his foot down and bought the bag for her. Awwh, so sweet! 

Source: Facebook

In his Instagram stories, he revealed that this isn’t the first time they have visited the store. In fact, they have visited the designer store several times but returned empty-handed because Eugene couldn’t afford anything there.

Nevertheless, he was determined that he would make it up to her by working hard to obtain the money needed to buy her a Louis Vuitton bag. And, he did it! 

Source: Facebook

He went on to explain that he wasn’t from a well-to-do family and that his girlfriend lived a pretty comfortable life with her parents. So, he said he would willingly go through any hurdles because he doesn’t want his girlfriend to suffer with him. On a side note, he mentioned that she could afford the bag herself because she was successful but he doesn’t mind doing it for her because she is one-of-a-kind.

He said she is kind, supportive and understanding, hence it was his duty to make sure his girlfriend has the princess life she deserves. Awh! 

Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook

Eugene went on to encourage people like him not to give up and to always strive for the best. He also shared that he plans to buy his mum a branded handbag too because he intends to fulfil his duty as a son. As of now, he has already bought a car and a house for his mum. Wow! 

Source: Facebook

He ended his series of IG stories by confessing that he will not stop working hard to look after everyone he loves. Good on you, Eugene! 

You can read the full post on FB here.

Eugene has definitely redefined #BFgoals by working very hard just to put a smile on his girlfriend’s face. Maybe we should learn a thing or two from his ways of making his loved ones happy. Godspeed, Eugene! 

What do you think of Eugene’s gesture? Let us know in the comments below! 

Disclaimer: Many netizens have pointed out that this may be an Amway marketing gimmick. Well, if it’s true, any Amway boys wanna buy me an LV bag? 😛


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