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Missing Your Steamboat Gang? Here Are 12 Types Of Friends You’ll Definitely See In A Steamboat Buffet



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It’s always nice to have gatherings with friends. Let it be a quick lunch break or a lengthy gossip session, doesn’t matter! Moreover, the memories made are so priceless that they certainly have the magic to bring a smile whenever you look back at those little moments.

Restaurants that serve steamboat and BBQ buffets are one of the most famous spots for gathering. Probably it’s because the food is so easy and you can even cook it yourself. Now, are you aware of the types of people, who are also your friends, that you’ll see in a steamboat buffet?


1.The chef 

There’s always that one person in every group that will always be by the pot or grill 24/7, checking if the food is cooked. They might look professional. But most of the time they’re just asking, “Eh, this one can eat dy or not ah?


2. The one who thinks you’re a maid

So when you have the chefs, of course, you would have the one just expects to be waited on hand and foot. These type of friends will sit and wait for the food to be done. The most they’d do is just place their bowls nearer to the cooking area so that the food wouldn’t drop on the way to them.

“I want more soup, please.”

“One more fishball!”


3. The small eater

To bring a small eater to a steamboat buffet, honestly speaking, it’s not worth it. You pay RM40+ for the meal per person. So logically, the gang is supposed to eat until it’s worth that value.

But with a small eater, it just seems impossible!


4. The greedy one

Next, the greedy one. Basically, this person will take whatever they see along with the buffet without thinking if they can actually finish it. And when asked, they’ll just laugh it off and say it’s for “everyone”.


5. The picky eater

When you have this person in your gang, you’ll probably regret inviting this person to the party in the first place. This one don’t want, that one don’t want. It’s just a matter of time before you’re uninvited from future steamboat parties.


6. The timekeeper 

Firstly, it’s a known fact that some steamboat restaurants will have a time limit for customers to feast on the foods. There are instances where you’ll be reminded by the staffs, and there are some instances where you won’t. Regardless of which, this friend will always be the one reminding the gang about the remaining time.

“Eh faster fasterr! Half an hour more only lahh!”


7. The ‘morally good’ person

Just when you want to take more meat, this particular friend will stop you. “Can finish whatever here first or not? Later wasted leh..” Sounds like a saint, but the thing is, this person is actually worried about being charged for taking too much food without finishing them.

But shh, let’s not get them busted! 


8. The cameraman

“Wait wait! Phone eats first.”

Your stomach is already growling over here, saliva drooling watching the boiling broth leaking down the pot. But because taking photos before eating is so trendy right now that you know it has become a must to take food photos.

It’s acceptable if the ‘photo session’ lasts for just a few seconds or minutes. But when the person keeps going on and on simply because the shot wasn’t “aesthetic” enough, it’s time to claim your food!


9. The juice/tea ‘refiller’

This friend will be the one offering to help refill juices, water or any other available drinks in the restaurant. Because of him or her, you don’t have to walk all the way to the beverage section. So, thank you!


10. The bin

Honestly, this is the most important person that you need when you go for steamboat parties. Why? Because when everybody else is full and the table is still filled with food, you’re going to depend on him/her to finish everything. Or else the whole group will be be charged for wasting food!


11. The ice-cream hunter 

The moment you walk into the restaurant, this friend will automatically move to the ice-cream section. Even if they do not go for it immediately, their eyes will be dancing everywhere just waiting to get to the dessert. You’ll probably think – Is this person here to enjoy the full steamboat experience or just for the sake of getting free ice-creams? Probably, this is also the person who’ll be ‘full’ from the food but still has the ”space’ for dessert.


12. The one with ZERO spice tolerance 

“Good day, ma’am. What would you like your soup to be?”
“Hmmm… Kimchi please.”
“Ha? Don’t want kimchi lah… I cannot eat spicy leh!” 

But of course, in the end, this is also the reason you’ll get to taste more varieties of soups. So, basically it’s a win-win situation!

Steamboat gangs! Can you relate to these? Did we leave out any? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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