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Man In Ampang Kidnaps M’sian Woman’s 3-Month-Old Rottweiler & Tries To Sell It



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Recently, the family of a three-month-old Rottweiler took to social media to seek help from netizens to search for their missing puppy that had been kidnapped by a stranger.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, the owner of the puppy, Devi, shared the terrifying experience that they encountered.

“I would like to share my story so that people can be more alert of what’s going on in the society,” Devi told WORLD OF BUZZ.

“My teenage daughter was all alone at home on Monday, 19th April. At about 1pm, a Chinese man, probably in his 40s, wearing a shabby grey t-shirt rang the doorbell, trying to sell something.

As she was afraid of answering the door, she just ignored him and continued doing what she was doing, but she saw the man loitering in the neighborhood, talking to our opposite neighbor.

Minutes later, she heard someone shaking the auto-gate and before she could process what was going on, the stranger had already kidnapped our 3-month old Rottweiler puppy,” Devi explained.

Her daughter then called her father, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to the house in time and the man had vanished.

“We tried searching for him all over the neighborhood but to no avail. We realised that this wasn’t just a  kidnapping case, it was also a crime. Mainly because he jumped over our gate and got into our porch.

“Our opposite neighbor, a wonderful soul, shared with us CCTV footage of the man entering and exiting our house, after learning what had happened to us. We then lodged a police report at a nearby police station.”

CCTV footage from Devi’s neighbour who lives right across.

CCTV footage from Devi’s neighbour who lives right across.

The police inspector, Sarjan Sharil, was a thorough professional who showed keen interest in the case with the sole intention to help us. Since it involved our daughter’s safety, the case gained more momentum and the said inspector paid us an official visit to our house to take pictures from various angles,” Devi added.

Two days later, Devi and her family decided to drive around the neighborhood in hopes of finding their puppy, Acha Girl.

“We went to a couple of pet shops in Pandan Indan and Shamelin areas just to try our luck. Apparently, the man tried to sell our baby girl to the pet shops but they declined his offer, sensing something fishy about him.”

CCTV footage from one of the pet shops where the kidnapper went over to sell Devi’s doggo.

CCTV footage of the kidnapper leaving the store after failing to sell the puppy. 

Thankfully, Devi received a tip from her friend, in regards to her missing puppy. They managed to find the kidnapper’s house in Ampang, and speak to the mother of the kidnapper.

Turns out, the kidnapper was mentally ill and a drug addict. It was not his first time pulling a stunt like this. According to Sarjan Sharil from Pandan Indan police station, the man had been arrested a few times before.

“His mother was a sweet lady who apologised while holding on to my hands,” Devi said.

As the man was not able to sell the doggo, he kept it at his house. The suspect’s mother was the one who returned little Acha Girl back to her family.

“My little Acha girl was so adorable the moment she saw us started barking at us. Gosh, at that moment all of us were in tears. Thank God!” Devi added.

We are so happy that Acha Girl made it back to her family safely!

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