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Man Avoids Serious Injury from The Garden’s Malfunction Escalator


Man Avoids Serious Injury From The Garden'S Malfunction Escalator - World Of Buzz

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Malaysians’ fear towards escalators has been escalating (pun intended) recently after several cases of people being injured by escalators.

Escalator At The Gardens Mall Almost Chew Up A Guy - World Of Buzz 1

Recently, another mishap involving escalators surfaced on social media. This time, it happened at The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City where a guy was almost chewed up by the escalator.

Escalator At The Gardens Mall Almost Chew Up A Guy - World Of Buzz

Source: amsyar facebook

The incident happened to a guy named Amsyar Dinie based on his Facebook account when he was going up from the second floor to third floor. He heard a very loud bang when he was about to step out from it. Apparently, the escalator steps were stuck. There were 5 other people standing on the same escalator when the incident happened.

To avoid being swallowed by the escalator, he made a split-second decision and leaped across the stuck escalator to reach the landing platform.

“Luckily I jumped in time, otherwise I would have gotten swallowed in vain,” he said.

Escalator At The Gardens Mall Almost Chew Up A Guy - World Of Buzz 2

Source: calum halcrow

Amsyar also claimed that the management of the mall was inefficient as they didn’t respond to the incident immediately.

“The best part (is) after 25 minutes, no mall officials except for a customer service lady and a blur security guard (were) at the scene,” he wrote.

Escalator At The Gardens Mall Almost Chew Up A Guy - World Of Buzz 3

Another guy named Calum Halcrow who was at the scene shared this incident on his Facebook as well. He said that crowd started to gather around the escalator when the loud bang was heard. Biaselah, Malaysians being kepo… He only managed to take a picture about the malfunction escalator because security guard was stopping people from taking pictures.

Steps had mangled the landing. Quite scary really. Glad nobody was hurt,” he said.

Netizens who read about the incident have voiced out, urging the mall management to take action on the faulty escalator. Some netizens also claimed that they have personally experienced similar encounters before.

“They’re supposed to shut down the escalator and barricade it,” said a netizen.

“OMG, can’t remember how many times we’ve used this escalator!” commented another netizen.

A similar incident happened within our shores not too long ago and has caused more Malaysians to be privy of safety, even while on the supposedly safe transit through the escalator.

Read: Escalators Of Mall in KL Causes Nationwide Panic After It ‘Exploded’.

With safety being a major concern these days, we won’t be seeing the last of escalator horror stories like this one floating about.

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