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Malaysians Tell Us About The Weirdest Dates They’ve Been On



Malaysians Tell Us About The Weirdest Dates They’ve Been On - WORLD OF BUZZ 7
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Dating is a lot like job interviews. First, you do your research, then you see got vacancy or not. Nice, the position just opened up! So, you get in contact and hope to get shortlisted. You’re invited to the first date, you go all out and leave an impression. Later, you get accepted for a second date and you seal the deal!

Sounds easy right? But just like job interviews, there are a lot of disastrous dates along the way to find that perfect candidate! We recently asked around for Malaysians to share their most disastrous dating experience and here are some of the weirdest answers that we’ve received!


1. The Toy Story

Malaysians Tell Us About The Weirdest Dates They’ve Been On - WORLD OF BUZZ

“He called me over to his place somewhere in KL. It was around 9PM when I got there and he insisted that we watch two movies first in his living room. He’s definitely not the gelojoh type and I do find it kinda sweet! Come midnight, we went to his bedroom and here’s where things got weird. On his bed was a collection of… interesting toys for adults. There’s handcuffs, straps, even a cane!”

“I ‘noped’ out of there saying how I’ve got an early day tomorrow. But then he insisted I sleep in his guest room since it was late. Which I did… uncomfortably even though it’s super luxurious. Come dawn the next day, I packed my stuff and told him I’m leaving!”

– Tatiana, 26, Cheras


2. Walao why so nosey one?

Malaysians Tell Us About The Weirdest Dates They’ve Been On - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

“We’ve been going out for a while and beginning to get comfortable with each other. She was a bit shy at first, but a few dates in, we were already holding hands. So, this one night I tried to take it a step further. We were alone in my fully tinted Myvi and I went in for the kiss. She was hesitant at first, but then she got into it… then her lips moved upwards and began sucking on my nose. And she knew exactly what she was doing. It was super weird. She gave me a love bite on my nose weh!”

– Vincent, 23, Bukit Jalil


3. Persona non grata

Malaysians Tell Us About The Weirdest Dates They’ve Been On - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

“I picked up my date up as he doesn’t know how to drive. We were watching some action movie starring Jason Statham and he seemed to be enjoying it. However, halfway through, he said that he wanted to go to the toilet. I said, ‘okay’. Half an hour later, he still hasn’t returned to his seat and I was concerned. So I texted him but then felt a buzzing in my handbag. He actually left his phone in my bag!”

“So, the movie is over and he still hasn’t returned. I opened up his phone, and the only contact he has is me! I don’t even know where he lived because I picked him up at a bus stop… It still puzzles me to this day.”

– Cindy, 33, Petaling Jaya


4. Familiar face 

Malaysians Tell Us About The Weirdest Dates They’ve Been On - WORLD OF BUZZ 4

“So I met this pretty girl on a dating app and we hit it off! We decided to meet up and her face, although a bit different from her profile pictures, still looked super pretty! But both of us could feel something weird. It’s as if we’ve met before. At first, I thought that maybe it was fate or attraction that caused it but then…”

“She asked me which secondary school I went to and it turns out we actually attended the same school! The same class too. Wait, that can’t be right?! I went to an all-boys school! And then I realized… she was actually a he… he was my old school friend who had a sex-change.”

– John, 27,  Sungai Petani


5. You’ve got to be kitten me!

Malaysians Tell Us About The Weirdest Dates They’ve Been On - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

“This was a few years back when Myspace was the bomb yo! She looked absolutely stunning in her pictures that I was really scared I got catfished. We decided to meet up at an atas restaurant (gotta impress the girl bro!) and I came early to wait for her at the entrance.”

“And then there she was, super gorgeous just like in her Myspace photos that I feel like I’m dating a model! But something was not right… she was carrying something with her and only when she got closer I realized what it was… her cat! We were denied entry into the restaurant because of her cat and ended up tapau-ing something and eating at a random sidewalk. She talked more to her cat than with me.”

– Kesavan, 35, Johor Bahru


Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being weird! Pelik itu menarik as some Malaysians say. But the level of weirdness in these stories is really next level weh! What? You’ve had weirder dates? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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Malaysians Tell Us About The Weirdest Dates They’ve Been On - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

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