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Malaysians Who Can Speak Mandarin and English Are Highly Wanted In China



Job Opportunities For Mandarin and English-speaking Malaysians in China! - World Of Buzz 1

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China’s employers have expressed that they are seeking for more Malaysians whom speak Mandarin and English to work with them in China.

With China’s booming economy, English speaker are greatly needed to communicate with clients from all over the world.

It was said that the reason why Malaysians are so high in demand in China’s job market is because the ability of Malaysians to adjust themselves in new environment. Living in a multi-ethnic country has made Malaysians to be more flexible and can easily fit into new working atmosphere, according to MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Based on the feedback from big companies like Huawei Technologies, he said that Chinese school students are preferred by Chinese entrepreneurs and are given priority during job interviews.

He also added that the development of Chinese education remains the top priority of MCA and that they will keep pushing for the government to recognize Unified Examination Certificate, a test taken by Chinese independent school students.

During a fund-raising dinner at Chong Hwa Independent High School on Saturday, Liow said that Chinese education is to stay and grow in Malaysia. The fund raised at the event will be used to build a RM47 million multi-purpose building for the school. This is because the current facilities can no longer cope with the increasing number of students. MCA has also pledged RM1 million for the cause to show their commitment towards Chinese education.

Job Opportunities For Mandarin and English-speaking Malaysians in China - World Of Buzz

Source: The Star Online

Chinese Ambassador Dr. Huang Huikang encouraged Chinese independent school students to further their studies in China as UEC is well-accepted and recognized in China.

“Our universities will always open their doors for you.”

He said he was impressed by the standard and quality of the Chinese education adding that it is the most comprehensive Chinese education system in non-Chinese dominated countries.

Dr Huang also gave credits to the local Chinese community for their effort and initiatives in preserving mother-tongue language, Chinese culture and traditions.

So, if you’re fluent in Mandarin and are interested to expand your career opportunities, you know where to look lah!

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