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M’sian Psychiatrist Sexually Harasses Patient & Walks Free As Police Said There’s “Not Enough Evidence”



M'sian Psychiatrist Sexually Harasses Patient & Walks Free As Police Said There's "not Enough Evidence" - World Of Buzz
Source: WOB

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Earlier this year, you would have read about a Malaysian psychiatrist who sexually harassed his patient that had come to him for advice. The victim, who only wishes to be identified as Ms A, was a rape victim who had gone to the psychiatrist, Dr Gurdeep Grewal, for treatment.


Seeking help and treatment from the Doctor, but got sexually harassed instead

In the conversations she had with Dr Gurdeep, who used to work at a hospital in Petaling Jaya, Ms A received explicit and lewd messages from the doctor over the span of one week, with most of them asking her for sexual favours.

News about the case spread like wildfire on news portals while netizens were dumbfounded that someone as professional as a psychiatrist could use his so-called ‘power’ to target innocent and vulnerable victims who trusted him. Let alone, a rape victim!

The victim made a police report and had even provided screenshots and video recordings of the WhatsApp conversation between her and Dr Gurdeep that contained explicit texts of sexual harassment.

Dr Gurdeep Sexual Harrassment Follow Up - World Of Buzz 2

Source: wob

Dr Gurdeep Sexual Harrassment Follow Up - World Of Buzz 1

Source: wob

Dr Gurdeep Sexual Harrassment Follow Up - World Of Buzz

Source: wob

Upon contacting the hospital for verification, the hospital released a statement to WORLD OF BUZZ saying that Dr Gurdeep had been fired.

“Please be informed that the Hospital had received a complaint on this incident and had taken immediate action to suspend the Consultant on the 6th of July 2019 and followed by termination from practicing at the Hospital effective 15th July 2019,” it said.

However, despite blatant proof that Dr Gurdeep had sexually harassed Ms A via text, the police dismissed the report because there was “not enough evidence” and did not proceed further with the case.

The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) also did not come to any conclusion regarding the matter.


Betrayed by the justice system

As a result of being dismissed after she had built up the courage to come forward with the report, Ms A is now left even more scarred, hurt and frightened. She shared with WORLD OF BUZZ that she has never been able to recover from what happened to her and is still suffering the trauma three months after the incident.

“I am crippled with fear, anxiety, and a sense of betrayal by the justice system coupled with severe PTSD from the incident,” she said.

“I have even attempted suicide five times in the span of two months while suffering from sleepless nights and endless panic and anxiety attacks.”

On top of that, Dr Gurdeep has been set free with all her details and is able to take revenge if he chooses to. He is still out there with his practicing licence and is able to consult with patients who are vulnerable.

The documents below are the initial police report made over the perverted psychiatrist incident.

Dr Gurdeep Sexual Harrassment Follow Up - World Of Buzz 4

Source: wob

Dr Gurdeep Sexual Harrassment Follow Up - World Of Buzz 5

Source: wob

And this is was the reply from the investigating police officer.

Dr Gurdeep Sexual Harrassment Follow Up - World Of Buzz 6

Source: wob

Three months after the incident, Ms A is now left with no form of protection or comfort from anyone after the traumatic experience she had to go through, and she’s wondering, Dr Gurdeep has moved on and is walking free, but why is that okay?


How much evidence is “enough evidence”?

In bringing attention to this issue that has conveniently been dismissed on the grounds of “not enough evidence”, we couldn’t help but ask: What needs to happen for this country’s justice system to agree that what Dr Gurdeep Grewal did was NOT okay? How much evidence is enough, and how much evidence is NOT enough?

What needs to happen for them to realise how damaging it is for a perverted psychiatrist to walk free with free reign to continue his practice? Will more victims of sexual harassment speak up? Or has a precedent been set that sexual harassment is normal and an issue that is “not important enough” to tackle?

Dr Gurdeep Sexual Harrassment Follow Up - World Of Buzz 9

Source: wob

As a first-hand victim of sexual harassment who has been unfairly treated by the justice system, Ms A asks those in power:

“Would you want this to happen to a relative of yours? Is there nothing else better that can be done but to just strike this case out and dismiss it?”

“Looking ahead, this sets a precedent and opens the door for future predators to harass victims, knowing that they can escape easily.”

Ms A also has a message to the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC):

“Your inefficiency and inaction speaks volumes, and you have failed as a council to regulate such doctors.”

“The newly elected council has provided no hope for the victim or any tangible improvement in the services that you provide.”

Ms A shares this with us, wanting to reach out to fellow Malaysians in hopes that public pressure will push the authorities into taking some form of punitive action. We should not sweep sexual harassment cases under the rug as it can truly traumatise people, like how Ms A experienced it.

Spread the word, and let’s hope this poses enough public pressure on relevant authorities. Dr Gurdeep Grewal’s Facebook disappeared since the case first came to light in July 2019.


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Dr Gurdeep Sexual Harrassment Follow Up - World Of Buzz 7

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