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Local Personality Apologises After Receiving Backlash For Insulting Traditional Iban Costume


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Source: Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS | Facebook

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The problem with categorising certain races as ‘lain-lain’ or ‘others’ in Malaysia is that we may be less exposed to their cultures. But that just means that we should be more open to learning about their cultures when the opportunity presents itself.

The popular duo, DurianKimchi, recently received immense backlash after, one half of the duo, Ryzal Ibrahim, allegedly insulted the Iban traditional costume his Korean wife, Maryam You Narae, was wearing, in a video.

Ryzal Ibrahim didakwa menghina pakaian tradisi masyarakat Iban dalam Instagram Story

Hanya gurauan, Ryzal Ibrahim mohon maaf pada kaum IbanKuala Lumpur: Sensasi YouTube, Ryzal Ibrahim yang popular menerusi saluran YouTube Durian Kimchi membuat permohonan maaf secara terbuka kepada kaum Iban Sarawak.Ia susulan Ryzal didakwa menghina pakaian tradisi masyarakat itu dalam Instagram Story, semalam.Menerusi hantaran video berdurasi lebih tujuh minit itu, Ryzal mengakui tidak menjaga sensitiviti dalam bergurau dengan isterinya yang juga Sensasi YouTube dan selebriti TV, Maryam Younarae ketika isterinya mengenakan busana tradisional itu."Terlebih dahulu, saya ingin membuat permohonan maaf kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, khususnya rakyat Sarawak dan kaum Iban, di mana, saya sudah mengguris perasaan mereka dengan disangka menghina pakaian tradisional mereka."Saya hanya bergurau dengan Maryam. Waktu itu, Maryam memakai pakaian tradisional Iban untuk penggambaran. Jadi, saya hanyalah bergurau dan tidak tahu menjaga sensitiviti," katanya.Menurut Ryzal, dia tidak berniat untuk menghina khazanah budaya masyarakat Iban itu."Saya sudah mencemarkan mungkin antara satu khazanah yang anda simpan sampai sekarang. Saya betul-betul minta maaf. Tak ada niat langsung nak menghina dan jadi rasis kepada mana-mana kaum di Malaysia," katanya.Dalam video sama, Ryzal juga bersetuju sekiranya perlu membuat permohonan maaf secara terbuka kepada mana-mana persatuan membabitkan masyarakat Iban."Andai saya perlu membuat permohonan maaf secara terbuka kepada persatuan kaum Iban di Sarawak, sila beritahu dan saya boleh buat permohonan maaf."Saya memetik pakaian itu sebagai alas meja, alas TV, langsir dan selebihnya. Itu hanya gurauan semata-mata untuk saya dan Maryam," katanya.Dalam masa sama, Ryzal juga menjelaskan bahawa kesilapan itu berpunca daripada dirinya dan tidak ada kaitan dengan isterinya."Untuk pengetahuan semua, Maryam tak ada kaitan sebab dia tak faham apa yang saya tuturkan dalam video itu. Dia tak faham pun apa yang berlaku."Apabila dia dapat banyak mesej yang meminta Maryam menjelaskan apa yang berlaku, dia jadi tak faham. Dia jumpa saya dan saya jelaskan bahawa ini salah saya."Maryam tak dapat bersama saya dalam video ini, tapi dia akan buat juga permohonan maaf bagi pihak saya dan Durian Kimchi," katanya.Ryzal juga memohon supaya kecaman terhadap bayi dalam kandungan Maryam juga dihentikan."Saya harap, tak ada apa-apa isu yang tidak ada kaitan dengan apa yang berlaku. Contohnya, bakal anak kami yang ada dalam kandungan Maryam sekarang turut terima kecaman. Ada yang mengatakan anak itu sekian sekian sekian."Mungkin Maryam tak faham. Tapi, bila dia rujuk kepada saya, saya sedih juga bila tengok orang hentam anak yang belum lahir. Belum lihat dunia, tapi dah kena caci hamun dengan masyarakat."Saya tak salahkan anda. Saya salahkan diri sendiri sebab ini berpunca daripada saya," katanya.Terdahulu, video yang tular itu memaparkan Ryzal dilihat mempersenda pakaian tradisional yang dipakai Maryam dengan beberapa gambaran seperti duit syiling, kain buruk dan sebagainya.Selain memuat naik video, Ryzal turut membuat perkongsian beberapa hantaran di Instagram yang memohon maaf atas keterlanjuran katanya.Beberapa hari lalu, Ryzal turut menerima kecaman selepas dilihat mengulas mengenai peguam yang sebelum itu menulis ciapan berkaitan Neelofa yang dibenarkan parkir kereta dalam perkarangan mahkamah.▶️Harian Metro

Posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on Thursday, May 27, 2021

In the video, he started off by pointing out that the ‘coins’ around her waist were meant to be kept in pockets.

He then touched her marik empang, the colourful chest adornment, asking her what it was.

Before she could answer, he said, “This is a cloth used for kitchen tables or a TV cover from the ’70s.”

As laughter could be heard from the background, Maryam said, “It’s handmade.”

Ryzal went on to call the kain kebat, or the traditionally woven skirt, a ‘rag that you keep on the washing machine’ and added that the costume was equivalent to displaying curtains that couldn’t be shown off during Hari Raya because no one came to visit.

After receiving heavy backlash from netizens who believe he was insulting the traditional costume, he issued an apology post and video, adding that his wife, Maryam, did not understand what was going on at the time.

“I’d like to apologise to all Malaysians, especially to Sarawakians and the Iban community, where I hurt their feelings by insulting or allegedly insulting their traditional costume. My explanation is that I was only joking with Maryam, during that time, she was wearing the traditional Iban costume for a shoot. I was only joking and I didn’t realise to be sensitive accordingly,”

“Hence, I’d like to apologise to all Sarawakians and Malaysians, especially to the Iban community, because I have polluted the treasure that you have been upholding until today. I’m truly sorry and I never had the intention to insult or to be racist towards any of the Malaysian races,” he said in his apology video.

WORLD OF BUZZ has since reached out to Ryzal for further comment but have yet to hear back.

We genuinely hope that this serves as a reminder to respect ALL of Malaysia’s cultures, including the ones we are rarely exposed to.

And perhaps, this will also serve as a lesson that we should be more informed about the various cultures in Sabah and Sarawak.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.


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