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Imagine Dragons’ Lead Vocalist Calls Public to Speak Out Against Public Caning in Terengganu



Imagine Dragons' Lead Vocalist Calls Public to Speak Out Against Public Caning in Terengganu - WORLD OF BUZZ
Left picture: For illustration purposes | Source: Homosensual & The Siasat Daily

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Yesterday (4 September 2018), American actor, Dirk Blocker urged the public to boycott Malaysian products on Twitter to protest against the public lesbian caning that happened in Terengganu a few days back. Many people, including Malaysians, thanked the actor from the hit sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine for calling out our government and bringing awareness to the issue.

Following Dirk’s tweet, another famous American artist has also given his two cents about this issue. Dan Reynolds, the lead vocalist of Imagine Dragons, took to Twitter to express his concerns over the matter as he advised people to be aware of the atrocities that are still happening in 2018.

Source: Billboard

The Believer singer urged everyone to speak out against bigotry, sexism, homophobia and racism because our voices can bring about change to this world. He speaks the truth, bruh. 

Dan’s tweet is as shown below,

Dan Reynolds | Source: Twitter

If you follow the discography and social works of Imagine Dragons, you’d know that Dan Reynolds is a very influential LGBTQ activist who constantly speaks about accepting each other regardless of race, religion and especially, sexual orientation. The Grammy-winning band’s frontman also has a documentary on HBO which was released on 25 June 2018 that explores the plight of Mormon’s LGBTQ community in Utah and brings awareness to their woes.

Apart from Dan, Greyson Chance has also tweeted about the canning in Terengganu. The Texan singer expressed his regrets over the issue as he shared that he has met many “loving and accepting Malaysians” all throughout his career. :/

Greyson Chance | Source: Twitter

Besides international artists, many notable Malaysian public figures have spoken out against the public lesbian caning too. Some of them include comedian Dr Jason Leong and Klang MP Charles Santiago who have expressed their thoughts over the matter via Twitter.

Translation: Malaysia, always regressing. 

Dr Jason Leong | Source: Twitter


Charles Santiago | Source: Twitter

Along with these people, many Malaysians were also appalled by the punishment given to the two ladies as they expressed their disgust over the prosecution, which also happens to be the first public lesbian caning in Malaysia. 

Some commenters even questioned how come consensual sex between two adults is not okay but marrying underage kids is alright?

For illustration purposes | Source: News.au

This matter has certainly caused many people from all over the world to question our current government for allowing such barbaric punishment for the two ladies. Sigh, why is Malaysia becoming famous for all the wrong reasons? 

Hopefully, the government will listen to the voices of the people from across the globe and ensure situations like this will not arise again.

Let us know your take on the issue in the comments below! 


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