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Ignorant Lady Exposed for ‘Human Parking’ in 1 Utama Shopping Mall



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Source: Facebook

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1 Utama is arguably the most popular shopping mall in Petaling Jaya, which means parking spaces are hard to come by, especially during peak hours and the weekends.

Source: Hotels

As such, some have resorted to ‘human parking’ where one of the passengers would get down the car to ‘chop’ the place until their family or friends could bring the car around and park at the ‘reserved’ spot. Embarrassingly, this culture is no stranger in our country as yet another case had happened in 1 Utama recently.

A netizen named Jason took to Facebook after he spotted a lady standing in a vacant parking spot. She was engrossed with her phone while waiting for her friends to come around.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

We’re not sure whether she’s actually checking out something interesting on her phone or she was just avoiding eye contact with the public. 

Anyway, after the pictures were posted on the FB group, it was quickly shared over 1,200 times overnight. Netizens were understandably irritated by such selfish behaviour and criticised her.

“I can understand if she’s a street vendor and trying to reserve the spot for her stall, but this is a shopping mall!” a netizen said.

“You should drive up to her and honk at her until she moves. That should teach her a lesson,” another Facebook user commented. 

And if you hadn’t known, for some unknown reason, 1 Utama is notorious for human parking!

Another netizen shared her experience in the comment section. She said,

“It happened to me as well at 1 Utama. I managed to park a few cars away and went to debate with her. She said her friend’s car will be arriving soon. I then signalled another car to park at her place, then only she moved away.

This is not the first time such a thing happened in Malaysia, it will definitely not be the last time either. The shopping mall should come up with some measures to curb this before more and more people think it’s okay to do so. Long story short, just don’t be an asshole lah!


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