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If You’re An Aspiring FB Seller, Here Are Some Products You’re NOT Allowed To Sell



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Make sure you take note of these requirements before you “PM for price”.

Facebook just like every other platform has become a hub for users to advertise products and services. This has encouraged Facebook to create their own Marketplace for buyers and sellers to market their products.

However, if you’re a Facebook or Marketplace seller, you would’ve noticed that not all products can be sold through this platform. According to the Facebook Help Centre, all items for sale on Facebook will need to follow their Commerce Policies which applies to:

  • Marketplace
  • Buying and selling groups
  • Page shops
  • Instagram shopping

Some items that can’t be sold on Facebook include:

1. Not a real item

If the product is not a real, physical item and instead is a “lost and found post”, joke or news then it can’t be sold. Despite the abundance of memes on Facebook, be reminded that you can’t sell these memes on Marketplace as well.


2. Services

These services include travel services, personnel services (housemaid etc), financial services and fitness services are not allowed on Marketplace

3. Items where the description and photo don’t match

Yes, you’re not allowed to catfish on Facebook and the photos of the item must always match the description and title of the listed products.


4. Animals

While products for the animals themselves such as cages and toys are allowed, a seller is not allowed to sell an animal itself on Marketplace. This includes any product or part, including but not limited to leather, skin, hide, fur, wool, or hair from any dogs, cats, or endangered or threatened animals

A seller is also not allowed to post up animals for adoption.


5. Healthcare

The listing should not promote medical and healthcare products and services, including medical devices, or smoking cessation products containing nicotine.

While items such as fitness accessories are allowed, a seller is not allowed to sell items such as contact lenses, thermometers, first aid kits and breast pumps on Facebook.

6. Misleading products (Before and After pictures)

The seller’s post must not imply or attempt to generate negative self-perception in order to promote diet, weight loss or other health-related products which might mislead the buyers.

This includes showing a person with either loosely fitting clothes or tight clothes.

If you’re an unsatisfied buyer on Marketplace and come across products that don’t follow the guidelines above, lodge a complaint here!

Fellow buyers and sellers on Facebook Marketplace, let us know what you think about these regulations!


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