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Here’s 10 #SapotLokal Gift Ideas To Get Your Super-Mum For Mother’s Day!



Source: ShotPot l Pexels & Sundari Gifts l Poptron

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We know that you’re supposed to celebrate having an amazing woman in your life every day but how about showing extra love to them this Mother’s Day?

It might be hard to think of gifts for your loved ones, especially when they happen to be the person who brought you into this world! But recently, we stumbled across a website that will allow you to browse through an array of gifts while supporting local businesses. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

The platform is called Poptron and they have a lot of artisanal goods that will be sure to pamper the special women in your life.


This beautiful batik top is a very versatile piece and it can be paired with jeans AND skirts. Adding this piece to a woman’s wardrobe will definitely bring an additional touch of elegance to their appearance. You can get it now by clicking on this link!

This sling bag is perfect for daily wear and the best thing is, it’s handmade with sustainable materials! The fabric is plant-based and the rest of the bag is weaved with undyed pandanus leaves, making it perfect for those who are environmentally conscious. Add this to your cart today by clicking here.

It is now compulsory to wear your mask wherever you go, so why not wear it in style? This mask chain will hold your mask for you so that you will not misplace it and put it on different surfaces. What’s better is that it comes in a set with matching earrings! Get this cute accessory now with this link.

Food & beverages

Most mothers tend to stress out about their kids’ well-being 24/7.  So what better way to help her relax and enjoy her day than with a cup of Handcrafted Artisan Lemon Basil Telang Tea? Infused with freshly harvested lemon basil leaves and butterfly pea flower(bunga telang), this tea will keep her hydrated and calm her nerves down. Treat your mother to this relaxing tea today and click on this link. 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether it’s a cup of hot chocolate, iced chocolate, or even chocolate cookies, we all have our chocolaty cravings. Made from local cacao beans, these dark chocolate buttons is the perfect gift for Mother’s day. With raisins & coconuts, this will give your mother just the right amount of sweetness. Get this yummy gift for mummy here!

Every mother knows almonds are good in almost every way. Other than your usual go-to almond butter lotion, the Hive Almond Butter is definitely worth the try! Blended with fresh and roasted almonds and no added ingredients, it is the perfect topping on bread, cakes, and even ice cream. Add this spread to your cart here!

Cosy bedroom

With the pandemic still in full effect, many of us need to stay home and this can be especially daunting for mothers who may find it stressful to stay on top of things while juggling work and families all the time. This candle will allow her to de-stress and unwind with its soft and subtle scent. Click here and treat your mum to that much-needed pampering.

But don’t stop there, your mother deserves only the best! And what’s the best pair for an awesome-smelling candle? A smooth and silky bed sheet to lie on, that’s what! The Kapas Bedsheet is made from 100% natural cotton fibres and it is SERIOUSLY. SOFT. Buy the perfect pair to that candle here.


Besides making a room smell great, it is also important that one smells great! Let your mother soak in self-care this Mother’s Day with a soap bar skin which will strengthen skin elasticity and absorb excess oil while helping to unclog pores. It is the perfect make-up remover/cleanser after a long day of being a super-mum. Gift this to your mother by clicking on this link.

After a rejuvenating cleanse, it’s important to pamper one’s skin so that they remain plump and moisturised. This night serum will be able to brighten, smoothen and firm up the user’s skin! It’s just what every mum needs. Get it here today.

Once you wrap up your gift to the special women in your life, don’t forget to write a card, present it to her and seal it with a kiss! 


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Source: Poptron
Source: Poptron
Source: Poptron

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