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Heartwarming Video Shows Malaysian With Down Syndrome on His First Day in McD!



Malaysian Youth With Down Syndrome Excited for His First Day At Mc Donald's - World Of Buzz 2

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Admittedly, job applicants with disabilities are often not the first choice among employers. As such, these group of people have been facing a tough time looking for job.

Which is why when McDonald’s in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn decided to hire Mior Azib who was born with Down Syndrome, his elder brother Mior Azlan was extremely happy and grateful.

April 10th is indeed a meaningful day for the 23-year-old Azib because that will be his first working day as an employee of McDonald’s.

His brother has also recorded a video as that was one of the most memorable moments in his life.

The heartwarming video started with Azlan walking his brother into McDonald’s which looks just like an elder brother sending his lil brother to school. Too cute!!!

Source: Facebook

Then a senior worker who was dressed in black uniform helped Azib to put on an apron and a cap.

Source: Facebook

Azib was looking confident and eager to start working as he showed a thumbs up towards his brother.

One of the earlier tasks was cleaning table and Azib handled it perfectly well. He gave a priceless smile when walked by the camera.

Seeing how well his little brother is working there, Azlan posted on social media to express his gratitude towards McDonald’s. Here’s what he wrote:

“Thank you McD for giving my brother a chance to work even though he has Down Syndrome. This is the perfect chance for him to learn how to handle things by himself.

“I don’t care about the salary, the most important thing is that this job can help Azib to be independent and live like a normal person. May God bless McD for their noble intention in helping these people.

“I hope that companies out there can give them a shot, because they are not disabled, but they are special.”

When asked by a netizen how was his first day at work, Azib said:

“Exhausted but happy!”

So guys, if you happened to be at McDonald’s in Bandar Tun Hussien Onn, just say hi to Azib! 

Here’s the video.


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