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Group Prints Woman’s Face On Book Of Prayers For The Deceased After She Refuses To Settle Debt



Source: Sharon McCuthcheon & Jeanis Dealova l Wolipop

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Sometimes when we lend money to people, we do it out of sympathy due to their circumstances that they have revealed to us. However, some of these people will take advantage of our soft and generous hearts simply to get our money.

In Indonesia, a person by the name of Jeanis Dealova lent money to a woman named Nuril who claims that their family member is in the hospital and needs financial help to foot the medical bill. Said debtor is in the same social circle as Jeanis. 

Nuril borrowed money from Jeanis and her friends and had promised them that she will pay them back. However, as time went by, Nuril did not pay them back and after multiple phone calls and texts from Jeanis, she blocked Jeanis and her friends on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

This angered the group as Nuril had borrowed a sum of 100 million rupiah (RM28,500) from the group.

As they weren’t able to contact Nuril, the group then decided to do something slightly more passive-aggressive. They decided to print Nuril’s face on a book of prayers for the deceased (Buku Yasin & Tahlil) and to send it to Nuril’s family.

On the front cover of the book was the phrase:

“In memories of Nuril Lailatul Zuhro”

Speaking to Wolipop, Jeanis said that they didn’t mind if Nuril had asked to pay back in instalments but the action of blocking all of them on WhatsApp and on other social media platforms is totally irresponsible.

What do you do when someone who owes you money does not make an effort to return it? Will you have done the same? 


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