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Graduate Abandons Mother Outside Convo Hall and Lets Her Boyfriend Attend Instead



Graduate Leaves Mother Outside Convo Hall To Make Way for Boyfriend! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Twitter & NST

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What’s the best way to thank your parents at your graduation? By going out of your way making sure that they attend your convocation ceremony of course.

Customary to any convocation ceremony taking place in public universities, only a handful of tickets are handed out. So priority is naturally given to the parents of graduates.

But this particular graduate didn’t feel that way when she made the decision to invite only her father and boyfriend into the convocation hall, leaving her poor mother to wait outside the hall!

Angah’s Whatsapp status on ohmymedia.cc showed of his conversation with the graduate’s mother.

Source: Oh My Media

“I asked the aunty, why aren’t you inside the hall witnessing your daughter’s convocation?”

Source: Oh My Media


Source: Oh My Media

She replied, “Only my husband is inside. My daughter asked me to make way for her boyfriend to take my place in the hall.”

Furious with her daughter’s decision, @embunkarina took to Twitter, calling out the ungrateful daughter on her selfish act.

“You deserve hell. Your father and boyfriend in the convocation hall, your mother left outside.”

“One day, when you break up with your boyfriend, you realize how foolish you were for not putting your parents first.”

“You aren’t even married, yet you have managed to sideline your mother.”

The hate didn’t end there, as netizens piled on their disgust at the graduate’s attitude.

Source: Twitter

One tweet wrote “How sad, her mother must be hurt by the way she was treated.”

Source: Twitter

Another wrote, “Maybe it was the boyfriend who was in the labour room and gave birth to the graduate?”

Despite the negativity, some were also attempting to see the graduate’s action in a different light.

Source: Twitter

A netizen wrote “Maybe it was not her mother (mak) but her makeup artist (mak andam)?

Source: Twitter

Another wrote, “Let’s think positive, maybe her mother refused to enter because it was hot or there were too many people, which made her uncomfortable.”

A majority of Embun Karina’s respondents were unhappy at the graduate’s decision to not include her mother on the most important day of any parent’s life.

Embun Karina’s tweet garnered more than 15k retweets and 10k likes.

Would you have the heart to not invite any of your parents to attend your convocation ceremony? Is her action justified? Tell us in the comments section below.

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