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Getting ‘Maskne’ From Wearing Masks All Day? These Tips Will Help You Prevent Them



Source: AsioOne & Cleveland Clinic

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Wearing a mask is very important in order to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. However, ever since the enforcement of wearing masks here in Malaysia, there is one issue that some of us are struggling with at the moment. MASKNE – which is a combination of the words mask + acne. Half the battle is wearing the mask and the other half is the sudden spurt of acne on your face.

The reason why these little devils appear is due to what is known as acne mechanica. According to Health, Dr Saedi explained that breathing in our masks for a long period of time can produce humidity which will develop a breeding field for acne.

Plus, the constant hot weather Malaysia in the past few weeks can make anyone’s face become sweaty and oily, which is really not a good combo.

Luckily, a Twitter post made by by.flawsome gave us some tips and tricks on how to reduce the risk of having maskne while we’re in a pandemic!

Know your masks

When purchasing masks, make sure that the masks are breathable, have natural fabric, and are compliant to the Ministry Of Health’s recommendation. Also, try not to wear masks that are too tight so you can have room to breathe.

Changing your mask every time you take it off is a must. It’s an essential way to prevent from having ‘maskne’ and reduce the risk of becoming infected with Covid-19.

For those who are wearing masks that are made of fabric, be mindful to wash it every time you finish wearing it for the day. Also, opt for gentle fragrance-free detergent as it is not very harsh on the skin.

Wear less makeup

By reducing the amount of makeup, it can prevent the growth of acne. Most makeup products, especially foundation and concealer, have oils in them. Even without masks, oils from makeup can clog our pores which can lead to a higher chance of getting pimples. Mixing these products with our sweat while wearing masks can definitely put us at risk of developing ‘maskne’.


Never skip your skincare routine

Avoid choosing moisturisers that have a thick consistency. As an alternative, go for a more gentle and light-weight formula so your skin can stay moisturised the whole day while wearing masks.

Include double-cleansing in your skincare routine for a more precise cleansing. According to Dermstore, double cleansing is a method of washing your face twice.

Using an oil-based cleanser first will wash away all the makeup and oil on your face while a water-based cleanser catered to your skin type cleanses water-based debris such as sweat and dirt. This method is super crucial because wearing masks the whole day can trap all kinds of impurities.

Hopefully, these tips can benefit you in managing your skin more efficiently. Follow by.flawsome for more pointers on how to take care of your skin!


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Source: Awani
Source: Dermstore

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