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Domestic Abuse Must Be Stopped, Here Are Some Useful Information Every Victim Must Know!



Source: Humanpart & Human Guide

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In these dangerous times, women should always prepare themselves by learning martial arts or keeping an emergency number on their phone, especially if they are a victim of marital abuse.











Cases of marriage abuse are becoming increasingly common, and we often hear of women who are victims of mental and physical abuse in their marriage. If you’re a personal victim of abuse or know anyone who is currently in an abusive household, here are some ways to prevent domestic violence.

According to KKM, under the Domestic Violence Act 1994, victims of abuse can report their cases to the Social Welfare Department (JKM) and PDRM to obtain the following orders:

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Interim Protection Order (IPO)

  • This order is given to victims while waiting for the police to investigate the case.

Protection Order (PO)

  • This order is given when the victim still needs protection. It is released after legal actions are taken under the penal code where the suspect is accused of doing wrong. The order can be enforced for 12 months.

Signal for help at home









Additional Orders

  • Gives the victim the right to live exclusively in their own residence and orders the abuser to leave the house, even if it belongs to the abuser or if the abuser is paying rent.
  • Provide victims with facilities to enter the residence to take their belongings accompanied by the police or community welfare officers.
  • Prevent the abuser from contacting the victim through written means or by calling the victim.
  • Directing the abuser to hand over a vehicle if it has been used by the victim the whole time.
  • Provide compensation that measures up to the injury or any damage or loss suffered by the victim.

If victims need help from registered agencies to help protect them and their children from domestic violence, here is a list of agencies they can contact:

Government agencies

  • Social Welfare Department (JKM)
  • Police station
  • Hospital
  • Religious office
  • Legal Aid Department

Non-government organisations

  • Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) – Phone 03-79563488 or 018-9888058
  • All Women Action Society (AWAM) – Call 03-78774221 or 016-2374221
  • Women Crisis Center (WCC) – Phone 04-2280342 or 011-31084001
  • Befrienders – Phone 03-76272929

Hopefully, those who are victims of abuse can receive proper protection and assistance with this information. We hope this helps victims out there to reach out and voice out their suffering.

If you know anyone that needs this information, do share this article with them. Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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Source: Human Guide
Source: EHS Today

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