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Dog Tragically Drowns in Pet Shop Pool During Swim Lesson as Owner Was Busy Filming It



Video: Bulldog Tragically Drowned In Pet Shop Pool While Owner Was Recording - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Weibo

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Just three days ago (9 April), a dog tragically drowned in a small pool after it was placed inside to learn how to swim. The owner and the pet shop worker failed to take immediate action after it sunk to the bottom, which resulted in the poor dog’s death. This infuriating incident happened at a pet shop in Fujian City, China.

Source: Weibo

According to Shanghaiist, the owner was said to have brought the French bulldog to the premise to learn how to swim. Once the worker placed the dog in the water and stepped away from the tank, it became panicked and was frantically paddling and splashing water everywhere.

It was obvious that the dog couldn’t swim and was at the brink of drowning but the duo didn’t do anything to save the dog. Instead, the senseless owner recorded the incident with her smartphone while the dog was helplessly paddling. Wtf! 

True enough, the dog gave up struggling and sunk to the bottom of the pool. The worker then fished it up with a pipe while the owner was still holding on to her phone. Below is the video from both the owner and the CCTV footage but keep in mind, it’s disturbing to watch. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Pet CPR was later performed on the dog at a nearby vet but it was too late as the poor dog was gone forever. Gone too soon, buddy! 

Source: Weibo

According to the pet shop owner, the dog owner had asked the worker to let the dog swim before the accident happened.

“This is an accident. If the dog can swim, it will swim, otherwise, it will just float and won’t sink. We don’t know why the dog sunk on that day. We’ve agreed to settle the problem privately and she asked us to pay her 15,000Yuan (approx. RM9,200) as compensation,” the shop owner said.

It was understood that both parties are still negotiating the amount of compensation. No matter how much the owner gets paid, the dog will never come back to life.

If we’re honest, both parties were at fault. The owner doesn’t seem to be responsible enough as she didn’t instruct the worker to act at once when things went wrong, while the worker could’ve acted a little faster. RIP doggo.


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