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Ditching Plastic Straws? Try These 6 Alternatives That Are More Eco-Friendly!



6 Alternatives to Plastic Straws With Their Pros and Cons that You Should Know About - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Every time we use plastic straws while sipping on our beverages, we’re actually destroying mother nature and the ocean life. Yes, it’s true that straws can be recycled, but they always drop out during the segregation process due to their light weight and small size. Not to mention, straws always end up in the ocean due to human error!

Luckily, people from all over the world have realised that it’s time to ditch plastic straws and go for more environmentally-friendly alternatives. If you’re looking to make the switch too but not sure what alternatives there are, here’s a compilation of six options along with their respective pros and cons.


1 . Copper straws


  • One word: class!
  • Long lasting and doesn’t break easily


  • Easily scratched with regular use
  • Conducts heat well, so it’s not ideal to be used with overly hot or cold drinks as your lips may feel uncomfortable
  • Not see-through for proper cleaning


2. Metal straws


  • Gives you a more atas look
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to carry around
  • Safe to use with dishwasher


  • Not see-through for thorough cleaning
  • Has slightly sharper edge, which may make your mouth feel uncomfortable
  • Prone to scratches with everyday use
  • Not suitable for thick smoothies or bubble tea due to its small diameter


3. Bamboo straws

6 Alternatives to Plastic Straws and Their Pros and Cons that You Should Know About - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: Instagram


  • You’re a friend of pandas now, teehee! 
  • Works well with bubble tea as bamboo straws generally have a larger diameter


  • Advisable to keep it dry after usage to avoid moulding
  • Must be replaced once a year as they don’t last as long as metal straws


4. Glass straws


  • Its transparent anatomy means you can easily spot dirt!
  • Suitable for both hot and cold drinks
  • Thick and sturdy structure makes it easy to rest between teeth
  • Super cool to see your drink ascend in the straw when you take a sip! 


  • Requires extra care as it breaks easily


5. Paper straws

6 Alternatives to Plastic Straws and Their Pros and Cons that You Should Know About - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

Source: Instagram


  • Comes in different colours and patterns
  • Perfect if you need a one-time use straw as it’s still more sustainable than plastic ones


  • Becomes soggy when you leave it in your drink for too long
  • Still harms the environment although in a smaller scale


6. Edible straws


  • Perfect for when you’re thirsty and hungry at the same time
  • Made from seaweed-based material from a company called LOLISTRAW, so it’s biodegradable and safe for consumption


  • Not exactly cheap. Currently sold for US$1 (approx. RM4) per straw, at the time of writing


See? So many alternatives to plastic straws! So, if you’re looking to join this noble movement, now you know what your options are, and if you know anyone else looking for reusable straws, don’t forget to share this article with them and save our planet together!

PS: the straws you get may differ from some of the descriptions above as every manufacturer has different specs for their products. 


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Alternatives to Plastic Straws - WORLD OF BUZZ

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