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Customer in Sarawak Asks for Free Food, Claims She’s Shaolin Soccer Actress Who Will Promote the Place


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Source: YouTube | Movieclips & 123RF

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Everyone loves free stuff but there is no reason to skip paying when you’re supposed to, especially when no one offers to give you something for free. Unfortunately, some people are happy to go the extra mile just for free stuff.

Just recently, a Malaysian food blogger from Sarawak, Ah Ong shared a story about a “superstar’s” attempt to get free food at his friend’s restaurant in Kuching. Was Ah Ong’s friend flattered by the “superstar’s” visit, and did the latter manage to get her free food?

Superstar? Great! But you have to pay for your food too

In Ah Ong’s Facebook post that went viral, he said that the customer claimed to be Zhao Wei, a famous actress from China who is known for her role as Mui in Stephen’s Chow famous comedy, Shaolin Soccer.


We’re pretty sure her fans in Sarawak would be delighted for her visit but unfortunately for the woman, neither Ah Ong nor his friend bought her story.

The woman, whom Ah Ong dubbed  “Zhao Wei’s imposter” ordered some food which cost her around RM100+. When she wanted to pay the bill, she asked Ah Ong’s friend if she could get them for free, and in return, she would promote his place as a famous actress.

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Ah Ong’s friend was not amused and politely declined, telling her that she had to pay regardless of who she was, and that did not sit well with fake Zhao Wei.

“She scolded my friend and made a lot of noise. She went outside the restaurant, took a picture of the place and threatened to viral his restaurant.”

Ah Ong shared the incident on his social media as a warning to all food operators out there about scammers who would do anything just to skip paying.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Ah Ong said that it wasn’t fake Zhao Wei’s 1st visit to the restaurant. She asked for free food during her initial visit but not on her 2nd visit.

“She asked for free food again on her 3rd and 4th visit but my friend ignored her.”

Coincidentally, Ah Ong was there during her 4th visit, and out of curiosity, he followed her, and guess what he saw?

“OMG! She was driving a 2-door Mercedes! She even gave my friend tips of RM20 previously,” he told WORLD OF BUZZ.

Ah Ong also believes that as a real superstar, the real Zhao Wei would have never asked for free food due to her wealth and popularity.

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Dear food vendors, have you encountered anyone who asked for free food with lame excuses?


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