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M’sian Sells Budget Rice in PJ for RM3.50 But Gives Away for FREE to Those Who Can’t Afford to Pay


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Source: Twitter | Nurul Shima

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A pack of rice with dishes now can easily go up to RM10, but a kind-hearted and generous Malaysian woman is trying to ease the burden of others as much as she can by selling rice packs with different dishes at only RM3.50 each.

Nurul Shima, a vendor who sells rice packs at Kota Damansara said in her Twitter post that despite the price, some customers are still saying that it’s expensive.

“The dishes are not just limited to chicken and meat. Sometimes there’s seafood like prawns, fish, squid and others.”

You can refer to the picture below to find out the menu that she is selling.


However, there’s another surprise in store for customers who cannot afford to pay for the meal.

“Not enough money? Just tell me, I’ll give you for free.”

Nurul admitted that it breaks her heart every time she sees someone who doesn’t have enough money to pay for their meal, and said that giving away 3 to 4 packs of rice doesn’t cost her that much. 

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Nurul said that she has been cooking and selling rice packs, which she dubbed Nasi Bajet (Budget Rice) since the first MCO back in 2020. She had the idea when she had to pay RM7 for a pack of rice with salted fish and a spoonful of vegetables. 

That was when she began to wonder about the people who couldn’t afford to pay for the meal.

“It was in the middle of MCO. I told my husband about my intention to kickstart the plan of Budget Rice, to which he agreed.”

Nurul also told WORLD OF BUZZ that the RM3.50 has maintained the same for 3 years despite being well known around her area. Nothing more, nothing less.


“I don’t make as much as I did when I had my food delivery stint back then, but I’m glad to be able to help a lot of people during MCO,” Nurul said.

When asked about her main inspiration to help others, Nurul told WORLD OF BUZZ that her childhood life has motivated her to help as much as she can.

“I didn’t have enough food to eat. I didn’t even have enough money to buy sanitary pads. I’ve experienced all that, so I understand what it feels like.”

Nurul also clarified that her Budget Rice packs come with chicken or beef at a set price of RM3.50. The ones with seafood, however, which are not served every day vary in price.

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Does Nurul make a lot?

Nurul admitted that with the little amount of money that she makes, she uses them to help the less fortunate, which gives her a sense of calm and satisfaction.

“During the 2 years of MCO, I’ve helped about 30 families. The customers at my stall also share their stories with me sometimes. I’ve heard a lot,” Nurul explained.

Fortunately, Nurul also told WORLD OF BUZZ that so far, none has ever tried to seize the opportunity to get free food when they can actually afford to pay.

“I usually give away free rice packs and some money to those who really cannot afford. I even invite them to visit my stall again in the future.”

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Kindness is rare nowadays, and there’s a saying “it’s more blessed to give than receive,” which Nurul has perfectly illustrated. Fellow Malaysians, if you wish to support Nurul’s business, you may find her in front of Surau Al-Falah in Section 6, Kota Damansara. She runs her business starting at 5 pm on weekdays and rests on weekends and public holidays.


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