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Couple Who Tortured & Killed 5yo Son Says It Was for ‘Discipline’ and Had ‘No Intention to Kill Him’



Couple Who Tortured & Murdered 5yo Son Says She Was "Disciplining Him" and Had "No Intention to Kill Him" - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Straits Times & Today Online

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The Singaporean couple that tortured and murdered their five-year-old son said that they had “no intention to kill him”.

Azlin Arujunah, 27, said that she only beat him and poured hot water on him to discipline him and didn’t think that he would die from it, reported Today Online.

“I would not have the intention to pour hot water on him if he did not show any attitude towards me. I also don’t know that what I did could cause his death,” she said. 

The court also heard that she had carried out the assault because she wanted him to learn a lesson and that if she had intended to kill him, she would’ve killed his other siblings as well.

“I only wanted him to learn his lesson. I have never beaten (the boy’s sibling) this bad. Why would I want to do this to him when I have never beaten the other children? After all, he is also my son,” she said. 

“I have no intention of killing him. If I had the intention of killing him, I would have killed my other children as well. But all my other children are safe and I do not beat them.”

Azlin then justified further by saying that she is unable to kill a child because she has a small body, and said that she does not have the heart to kill her own child.

“When the incident happened, I was attending to (other children). I do not know what else to say and I missed all my children,” she said.

Azlin and her husband Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman are on trial for the alleged murder of their son, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his surviving siblings.

The couple is accused of committing murder with common intention by splashing the boy with hot water in their home in Singapore between 15th and 22nd October 2016. They could face the death penalty if convicted.

They also face multiple charges of ill-treating and assaulting the child, including confining him in their pet cat’s metal cage that measured 70cm in height, 58cm in width and 90cm in length. The boy was 105cm tall.

Source: Today Online

Ridzuan told the court that when they were taking the boy to the hospital, he was in a drowsy state and had said, “sakit, sakit,” which means “pain” in Malay.

He also said that the boy had shouted at his mother, “kau gila ke apa?”, which means “are you crazy or what?”, when she was splashing hot water on him.

After the boy had said this, Azlin allegedly became angry, and she and her husband threw several more cups of hot water at the boy which then led to his death.

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