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“Can I Pay You For Tonight?” Perverted M’sian Uber Driver Asks Passenger For Sex


"can I Pay You For Tonight?" Perverted M'sian Uber Driver Asks Passenger For Sex - World Of Buzz
Source: Nur Damia Azlan and Hype

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Thanks to the advancement of technology, we’ve been blessed with various types of conveniences. For example, getting food delivered to our door steps or easily calling up a ride via Uber or Grab.

However, it seems like these ‘conveniences’ have also brought on quite some disadvantages.

Nur Damia Azlan shared the chilling story of how her friend ‘S’ was harassed during and after her ride with an Uber driver.

On September 28, 2017, she wrote,

“A few days ago, something happened to my best friend, S, who is from Sarawak. She was sexually harassed by an Uber driver who was driving a red Perodua Bezza.

“She was alone at the time and was heading home from a shopping centre in Subang. The time was about midnight.”

"can I Follow You Home?" Perverted Malaysian Uber Driver Asks Lady Passenger - World Of Buzz 5

In the beginning, the Uber driver was quite friendly as he conversed normally. However, as they continued talking, the perverted driver started asking inappropriate questions!

Their dialogue began something like this:

Driver: “How old are you? How do I pronounce your name?”
S: “24 years old. (Then she mentioned her name)”

During their journey, the driver also accidentally took a wrong turn and they ended up taking a toll route as a result. However, he did offer to pay for the toll expenses since it was his mistake.

There was a short silence during the trip but as they came to a stop at a traffic light, the driver proceeded to randomly ask her what her religion was, whether she was a Christian or Muslim. Thinking nothing of this, S said she’s a Christian. The follow-up question she got was when things started to sound a little weird.

Driver: “Have you eaten? If you’re hungry I’ll bring you somewhere to eat.”
S: “It’s okay, I want to go home. My brother is waiting for me to come home.”
Driver: “Can I follow you home?”

"can I Follow You Home?" Perverted Malaysian Uber Driver Asks Lady Passenger - World Of Buzz 4

Of course, by this time, S was feeling uncomfortable but she remained calm and requested the driver to drop her off at a taxi stand that was little further from her destination as she didn’t want him to enter the gated premise of her apartment.

Thankfully, she arrived home without being physically harmed. However, while she was rushing back to her apartment, she hadn’t noticed that her phone was ringing – it was her Uber driver. In total, she had 4 missed calls, 2 of which she declined. 

Damia continued the story, saying that the driver even sent her a text message after, which read,

“I’ll pay you for tonight, can?”

"can I Follow You Home?" Perverted Malaysian Uber Driver Asks Lady Passenger - World Of Buzz 3

The message basically meant that the man was willing to pay S to sleep with her! What a scum!

Upset and obviously shocked by this disgusting man’s relentless attempts, she threatened to file a police report against him, although she did not in the end because there was no one to accompany her to the station.

However, she did report the case to Uber and even pressed the emergency button in the Uber app, though she isn’t completely sure if it worked. An Uber rep contacted her shortly after, saying that they’d speak to the driver and that if a police report was necessary, the cops would be in touch with them directly.

The next day, S received another message from the man begging her and asking for forgiveness, presumably after he had been contacted by Uber. 

After hearing this incident, Damia wanted to share S’s experience as a warning to other riders, particularly single ladies, to be careful.

Damia posted a picture of the man as well as a screenshot of the SMS exchange. Due to the fact that the man’s face and details were exposed, his WIFE actually contacted Damia to remove the picture! Which she eventually did. 

Now, before you start bashing S for probably wearing revealing clothes, she wasn’t. In fact, she was modestly dressed without suggestively revealing any of her body parts.

"can I Follow You Home?" Perverted Malaysian Uber Driver Asks Lady Passenger - World Of Buzz 2

Taking Uber is supposed to enhance our safety and convenience as compared to the traditional taxi.

However, seeing as there have been quite a number of cases whereby passengers have been assaulted, robbed or even sexually harassed, this has raised major concern throughout the community.

Whatever it is, it is best to be vigilant in every situation we face, especially when we are alone. After all, it’s time we stand up against sexual harassment and not suffer in silence!


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