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Authorities Offer Rewards for Catching Stray Dogs But Removes Poster After Receiving Backlash



Source: MDCH & Unsplash/Daniele Franchi

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At a time when there are so many NGOs fighting for the rights of stray animals, how can a government organisation openly defy all their work?

A few days ago, the Cameron Highlands City Council (MDCH) posted on their Facebook to share their latest opportunity for the people of Cameron Highlands to earn some cash during the Movement Control Order (MCO). The advert was for them to catch stray dogs in the area and surrender them to the city council.

They would offer a total of RM40 for each captured dog. The poster did not mention whether or the dogs had to be dead or alive when captured. Unsurprisingly, the poster received backlash from netizens with most of them calling out the inhumane treatment of stray dogs.

Lawyers for Animal Rights released a statement on their Facebook page condemning the actions of the city council. They questioned that since MDCH failed to mention if the dogs needed to be brought in dead or alive, would they be rewarded if they brought in a dead dog?

“What are the methods of capturing these strays? Who will monitor these captures and ensure that the strays are not mistreated or abused?”

They added that MDCH has committed a clear offence under Section 29(1)(u) of the Animal Welfare Act 2015 by organising and promoting the catching of these strays for economical gain where these strays could potentially be subjected to cruelty.

Lawyers Rajesh Nagarajan and Sachpreetraj Singh said that this campaign could also pose a threat to licensed household pets who might be”pet-napped” from their homes just for an RM40 reward.

“It is callous and downright irresponsible of MDCH to entice/incite the rakyat to break MCO guidelines and strict SOPs to harm poor animals in this Covid-19 situation.”

How has MDCH responded?

Yesterday (28 January), MDCH released a statement saying that based on responses they’ve gotten, they would suspend the offer to the public due to the MCO and public security factors. However, they added that pet owners will have to obtain their licenses from local authorities. Pet owners should also make sure their pets are not let loose in public places.

MDCH then proceeded to share a poster on the danger of rabies and how wild dogs are the main cause of it.

In the poster, they also warned the public that rabies can cause death to both animals and humans. MDCH then reminded pet owners to vaccinate their pets to avoid such situations.

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