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Abang Bomba Shows Why THIS Window Grill is Life-Saving During A Fire, But Netizens Think It’s Not Secure



Source: Twitter & My Malay Blogger

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For many Malaysians, home security is one of those things that local homeowners take very seriously. After all, the last place we want to feel at risk is when we’re at home, especially with so many cases of violent robberies being reported across the country. It’s because of this that windows and doors enforced with metal grills have become such a common sight around many neighbourhoods, in hopes of deterring possible break-ins from happening.

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But did you know that these non-removable grills are one of the leading causes of fire-related deaths in Malaysia? While the Malaysian Fire and Safety Department has a set of guidelines as to what kind of grills homeowners should install in their homes, according to a report by UiTM, these are typically not followed! Many Malaysians still prioritise security over safety!

In a viral Tweet by @999Malaysia, a video of a member of the Fire and Safety Department can be seen demonstrating the type of grill that should be used in homes across the country.

In the video, he explains that grills like the one shown are able to offer maximum security as the mechanism of the grill is always locked in place from within the home. However, when necessary, the grill can be slid open when the mechanism is unlocked, allowing occupants of the home to leave quickly in the event of a fire. That’s a life-saving feature!

However, Twitter users don’t seem to think that the grill can offer any security. One Twitter user mentioned that robbers could simply use a long stick to detach the mechanism.

Source: Twitter

Another user said: “He’s not wrong, burglars can simply break open glass windows and in the case of when homeowners aren’t around, the possibilities are there. Unless the lock itself is lowered even further from reach lah huhu”.

Source: Twitter

It is worth noting that preventable deaths such as this tahfiz fire which claimed the lives of 21 students and the mother of this family of three who burnt to death shielding her daughter from flames continue to occur as a result of non-removable grills used in many buildings! The tweet has since been retweeted 2.6K times.

Source: Daily Mail

What are your thoughts on non-removable grills? Do you think that they pose as a safety hazard, or are a necessary security feature? 


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