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68yo Man Rapes Cow a Few Times Thinking It Would Be Fun As His Friend Had Done It Before



68yo Man Rapes - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Thai Rath Online & Pixabay

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This is disgusting!

Kong, a 68-year-old man from Thailand was arrested by Songkhla police after he was caught raping a 2-year-old black cow in a forest at 2pm on 30th August, reported Thai Rath Online.

Radio staff at Hat Yai police station were informed by villagers that there was an elderly man committing indecent acts with cows, after which police who were on duty at the time went to the scene to investigate.

The owner of the cow and several villagers managed to catch Kong, who was still naked, after he had allegedly raped the cow. They also found his shirt and pants that were left in the woods, while the man’s 4-wheel-drive truck was parked on the side of the road about 100 meters from the site of the incident.

The police then brought him in for questioning and to prevent villagers from attacking him because of what he had done. When he was questioned, Kong smiled and admitted that he had indeed raped the cow, and said that he had also raped the cow two times before this, but was never caught.

He then revealed that he was just following his friend who had raped a cow before and thought it would be fun to try. So he drove to the forest and took the cow, which was eating grass, and tied it to a tree stump to prevent it from running away.

He said he couldn’t “finish” the act as the cow was struggling and the owner had caught him, but a 50-year-old motorcycle driver, who helped arrest the man, said that this wasn’t true.

He said that while helping to arrest Kong, he saw part of Kong’s legs were covered in semen while semen stains were found on the cow as well, indicating that Kong had “finished” the act.

The owner of the cow told the police that he often brings his cows to the edge of the forest to feed them. He also said that he was informed by villagers that they had seen Kong committing indecent acts with the cows many times before this.

Source: udnbkk

He said on the day of the incident, he found Kong completely naked and trying to rape his cow, but Kong immediately acted like he was collecting vegetables when he realised he was caught.

Meanwhile, Kong was only fined 300 Baht (about RM40) and released.



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