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6 Young M’sians Who Decided ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ and Finally Lost Weight to be Healthier



6 Inspiring M'sians Who Decided 'Enough is Enough' and Shed Some Weight to Be Healthier - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Joanna Joseph

Around June of last year (2017), news surfaced that Malaysians are regarded as one of the most obese people in Southeast Asia. With all the mamak food, constant sitting around and very little exercise, is it any wonder why this is the case? It’s not even about someone’s looks, but about how UNHEALTHY one feels!

That’s why it can be a real challenge for the average Malaysian to attempt to lose weight. However, it’s not exactly impossible. We spoke to a few young Malaysians who actually managed to do so and got their insight on what it takes to lose some kilos.


1. Mithun, 25 – Was 155kg 2 years ago

6 M'sians Who Completely Transformed Themselves After Losing Over 10KGs - WORLD OF BUZZ
Photos courtesy of Mithun

Motivation for losing weight:

  • Wanted to challenge himself to see what he could accomplish

His tips and tricks:

  • Joined a gym, where he did a mix of cardio and weights
  • Weights – machines, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises
  • Cardio – cycling, cross trainer, stair master and whatever else was available
  • Challenged himself to lose 5kg at a certain pace and just kept going to lose each 5kg faster
  • Ate more chicken, eggs and vegetables, no processed food
  • Had cheat days every once in a while (because they are awesome!)

His advice: “The formula is simple; sufficient workouts, disciplined diet, and a positive mindset.”


2. Sabrina Azizullah, 18 – Was 98kg 6 months ago

6 M'sians Who Completely Transformed Themselves After Losing Over 10KGs - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Photos courtesy of Sabrina Azizullah

Motivation for losing weight:

  • Insecurities as a 15-year-old
  • Her supportive mum, who actually brought her to the gym for the first time and got her a trainer

Her tips and tricks:

  • Breakfast – a glass of cold water and wait 5 to 10 minutes before consuming germinated brown rice drink and bananas
  • Carb-free diet – only protein, healthy fats and vitamins
  • Snacked on granola bars and protein brownies
  • Stayed hydrated throughout the day
  • 4 to 5 days of training a week – HIIT workouts, Tabata and weights
  • Consistency is the key

Her advice: “Find a routine that suits you and don’t ever think that a healthy lifestyle is expensive. There are many ways to do it, be it at home, the gym or at the park.”


3. Joanna Joseph, 21 – Was 104kg 6 months ago

6 M'sians Who Completely Transformed Themselves After Losing Over 10KGs - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Photos courtesy of Joanna Joseph

Motivation for losing weight:

  • Being bullied and wanting to prove her haters wrong
  • Music artists such as Justin Bieber and Linkin Park who inspired her to keep pushing herself further

Her tips and tricks:

  • Cut down on carbs and increased fibre, protein and such
  • Followed workouts that she got from apps – sets and reps that are time-based
  • One hour of working out combined with two hours of jogging every day
  • Watched what she ate and got some form of exercise every day, even if it’s just taking the stairs
  • Became a vegetarian for 3 months
  • Kept a food journal to keep track of what goes in

Her advice: “Many people try starting and end up failing halfway because it’s difficult and I’m not going to lie, nothing comes easy. But the results, in the end, are worth it. You are going to emerge as a new person with newfound strength and you are going to inspire many out there to change. Nothing beats that feeling.”


4. Norman Prima, 29 – Was 130kg 3 years ago

6 M'sians Who Completely Transformed Themselves After Losing Over 10KGs - WORLD OF BUZZ 7
Photos courtesy of Norman Prima

Motivation for losing weight:

  • After a lifetime of being scientifically and morbidly obese, he no longer wanted to be considered fat

His tips and tricks:

  • Started by jogging and then progressed to 5km fun runs and eventually to 10km runs
  • Went to the gym and did the general 3 sets of 5-8 reps with dumbbells
  • Moved on to dumbbells after starting CrossFit
  • Developed specific goals and targets in relation to his Olympic lifting and powerlifting, such as increasing his 1 Rep Max
  • Focused on a target for running/jogging – he aimed to do his first 21km with a target of sub 3 hours in July (which is not an easy feat!)
  • Worked out at least 3 times a week, 4-5 times if he wasn’t busy

His advice: “Some things are only as difficult as you believe or perceive them to be, and weight-loss is one of those things. The mind is stronger than the body.”


5. Veeni, 24 – Was 85kg 3 months ago

6 M'sians Who Completely Transformed Themselves After Losing Over 10KGs - WORLD OF BUZZ 5
Photos courtesy of Veeni

Motivation for losing weight:

  • Realised that it’s only going to get harder to lose weight if she didn’t start now
  • Her long-distance boyfriend, who also lost weight.

Her tips and tricks:

  • Followed the Mickey Mouse diet plan – 50% vegetables, 25% carbs and 25% protein
  • Snacked in between meals with either 12 almonds, a pear and an apple or simply a can of tuna
  • Only ate white meat like chicken, fish and others
  • Exercised at home. Her routine includes warm up, elliptical for cardio (30 mins) and squats, sit-ups, leg raises and other body weight exercises
  • Drank 4 litres of water a day to hydrate and detox

Her advice: “Be around supportive people. That’s the most important actually!”


6. Lim Chun Ciew, 21 – Was 90kg last year

6 M'sians Who Completely Transformed Themselves After Losing Over 10KGs - WORLD OF BUZZ 6
Photos courtesy of Lim Chun Ciew

Motivation for losing weight:

  • A really bad health condition
  • Not feeling good about his body because of his weight

His tips and tricks:

  • Ate a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, meat and rice
  • Exercised daily – badminton & basketball
  • Quit all types of junk food and processed food
  • Consumed just enough to have the energy to exercise
  • He gave up his large pepperoni pizza, coke and bbq chicken wings, which he loves
  • Did exercises he enjoyed

His advice: “Rather than having a mindset that you need to lose weight, think of it as something that keeps you healthy.”


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These 6 M'sians Lost Over XX Kg in XX Months, Heres How They Did It - WORLD OF BUZZ 13

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