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5 Instagram Bakeries For Aesthetic Cakes In Klang Valley You Should Know About



Source: @linlin_cake Instagram & @snatch.pastries Instagram

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With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of people have turned to the online world to find a source of income. Starting an online business means one has to dig deep into their creativity and do heavy brainstorming in order to stand out in the competitive scene.

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Usually when you think of online businesses, the first thing that pops into your mind would be clothes and accessories. But what about desserts?

Here are five aesthetic Instagram bakeries based in Klang Valley where you can get beautiful, delicious homemade goods delivered right to your doorstep!

  1. Ephrodite

Ephrodite launched less than a year ago on Instagram, offering a line of interesting cookie flavours that you might enjoy! They also have other baked goods on their menu such as puddings and cakes! (Personally, I recommend their Birthday Cake flavoured cookies).


2. LinLin Cake Shop

Looking for vintage cakes? LinLin Cake Shop has an array of vintage designs that she uses for cakes.

Their specialty cakes include bento cakes that are adorable and served in takeaway boxes!


3. Dolicado

Here’s a shop that can satisfy your avocado cravings! Dolicado specialises in Avocado Cheesecakes topped with edible flowers.

One of their recent creations is a matcha tart shell avocado cheesecake where she uses Niko Neko matcha to bake!


4. Snatch

Snatch has a much more extensive menu which includes pavlovas, cakes and cookies!

They also have an adorable tea time set that you can order for your weekend gatherings!


5. Joy With Treats

Joy With Treats  specialises in baking cakes. Her cakes include a wide range of designs that she displays on her Instagram page.

She also bakes desserts such as macarons and meringue that you can order for birthdays.

So if you’re planning on surprising a friend for their birthday sometime soon or if you just want to treat yourself with something sweet for making it through the past year, do check out these deliciously aesthetic bakeries!



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