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4 Genius Money-Saving Methods All Malaysians Should Try in 2018



Every Malaysian Should Try Out These 4 Special Money Saving Method in 2018! - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Over the years, all sorts of money-saving methods have surfaced on social media. Some will make you tapao your wantan mee with a RM50 note, while others will make you run to an ATM every weekend (because these methods make you put aside all your small change).

Just when we thought there’s no other tricks left to be explored, these ones came up. So, get your piggy bank ready and try out these four money-saving tips!


1 . The You-Snooze-You-Lose Method

This one’s simple, for every minute you refuse to get out of your bed when your alarm goes off in the morning, you’ll have to put RM1 in the piggy bank.

Source: Geekwire

For instance, if you snooze for 5 minutes, your piggy bank will be RM5 richer. Imagine if you snooze for more than that every day…


  • Snooze 5 minutes – RM5
  • Snooze 10 minutes – RM10
  • Snooze 15minutes – RM15

Snorlex would become broke saving money weyh! 


2. The Sleep-Early Method

Unless you’re rushing your assignment at the eleventh hour or working on a night shift, you should sleep before 11pm, as recommended by doctors.

If you fail to do so, you’ll need to ‘answer’ to your piggy bank. Check out the rates below!

  • Sleep later than 11pm – RM5
  • Sleep later than 12am – RM10
  • Sleep later than 1am – RM20
  • Sleep later than 2am – RM25
  • Sleep later than 3am – RM30
  • Sleep later than 4am – RM40
  • Sleep later than 5am – RM50

PS: This is not recommended if you have sleeping disorder. Instead, use that money to seek proper treatment 🙂


3. The 52-Week Money-Saving Challenge 

If you’re just as broke as I am, this method is for you.

The amount of money you should save is equal to the number of the week. For example;

  • Week 1 – RM1
  • Week 2 – RM2
  • Week 3 – RM3
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Week 52 – RM52

We did the math, and after 52 weeks, you should have a total of RM1,378! Of course, you can speed things up by starting with RM10 in the first week! Onz mou?


4. The 12-Month Money-Saving Method

With this method, you start off with RM25 for the first month and use this formula for the subsequent months – (previous month’s savings + RM25). Here’s how your savings pattern would look like in 12 months:

  • Month 1 – RM25
  • Month 2 – RM50
  • Month 3 – RM75
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Month 12 – RM300

In total, you should get RM1,950 after 12 months! It gets tougher towards the end but you’ll get a big fat juicy piggy bank by the end of the year. Holiday fund! 

Yes, saving money isn’t easy, but if you can resist the urge to korek your piggy bank, you shall be rewarded with a hefty sum in just a few months!

Do you have any surefire ways of saving money? Share with us in the comment section! 


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