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23yo Student Started A Teh Ais Business During MCO & Makes RM6,000 Monthly!



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Our nation’s job market has taken a turn for the worse since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Fresh graduates and students who are newly entering the workforce are commonly advised to take “safe” jobs that would secure their financial position in this uncertain economy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your passion to pursue what makes you happy!

For Fatin Joe, a 23-year-old business student, that passion was drinking teh ais.

How it all started 

“I love teh ais and so do my family members,” said the young entrepreneur to WORLD OF BUZZ when contacted. Since the first MCO in March, Fatin said she started to learn how to make the drink herself instead of buying it outside and eventually became pretty good at it. “After MCO ended, I started selling bottled teh ais because I wanted people to taste my homemade tea. It also gives me an opportunity to recruit agents and stockists for my business, Teatin.KL,” added the innovative student.”

Fatin’s business is now so successful that she sells up to 20-50 bottles a day. That’s about RM200 a day, making RM6,000 a month! The young business owner has also recruited five agents since starting her business back in March.

Interning & Running a business

Between juggling working as an intern for her practical studies and running this business, Fatin says the key is in time management. “When I come back from work, I’ll start making around 20-50 bottles of the drink to meet my customers’ orders. I’ll do marketing on social media during my free time on the weekend. There’s no reason for me to stop,” said the hardworking businesswoman.

In fact, Teatin.KL isn’t the first business Fatin has started. She started an online business selling scarves when she was 18 and the profit was enough to cover her study allowance! “I love doing part-time work in companies during my studies. I can generate income by myself without burdening my parents,” she said.

“Why waste money on a degree if you’re just selling tea?”

Despite Fatin’s success, the working student says she still faces her fair share of criticism. “People tell me that I wasted my degree because I end up selling teh ais like others. But for me, it doesn’t matter what job you do, what’s important is having a passion for your business. You can further your business with the knowledge you learn in school and university.”

“Even though we’re in a pandemic, it’s not wrong for people to find alternative ways of generating extra income,” said the determined youth. When asked about her future plans for the business, Fatin told WOB, “I will try my best to invest in this opportunity. I need to push more and not give up. Ignore what haters say and keep going.”

So regardless of whether you feel pressured to pursue something you’re not interested in or if you’re still figuring out what you want to do with your life, start with identifying what your passion is. “My advice for those students or fresh graduates out there: Try to suit yourself in one thing that could make you and your family happy. Never give up even though the outcome isn’t as good as you expect. Find yourself then find your career. There’s no reason for you to quit.”

Teatin.KL is about to launch some new upcoming flavours so check them out on Instagram and Facebook to find out more!


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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