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17 Things Only Malaysian K-Poppers Will Understand


17 Things Only Malaysian K-Poppers Will Understand - World Of Buzz 7

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17 Things Only Malaysian K-Poppers Will Understand - World Of Buzz

1. Being asked if we understand a thing they are saying.

Tumblr M5Wmmwfvei1Qjvsm5

Sure Malaysians are at least bilingual but unfortunately our superior language skills does not cover Korean. Not fully anyway.


2. We have secretly tried some K-Pop dance moves

Usually in the safety of our own rooms because we probably look like a retarded hippo.

Sports Bts Bangtan Boys Dance Practice Jung Kook


3. “You’re obsessed” or “You’re crazy” is a phrase we hear way too often

And we secretly like it.

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4. The empty wallets

Tumblr Inline Nznzww0Yyo1T353Wd 500

Merchandises, new album, concert tickets! It leaves a hole in our wallets BUT THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY.


5. When your favourite group/band is on a world tour but Malaysia is not on the list

.. yet Singapore and Thailand is.



6. When a guy/girl is featured in an MV with your celebrity crush

18 Things Only Malaysian K-Poppers Will Understand - World Of Buzz

but but….me love you long time!


7. Their English makes no sense but we think its perfect anyway

Tumblr M31Eiwzski1Ru255Vo1 400


8. We notice our wardrobe slowly changing styles

We’d dress just to look like our favourite star. Snapbacks, high-waisted shorts, sweatpants and rompers are just the beginning. And we’ll jump at ANY Korean related deals such as the ongoing Shopee’s Korean Week featuring all of your favourite Korean products and brands at huge discounts. Did someone say sales??

17 Things Only Malaysian K-Poppers Will Understand - World Of Buzz 3

Dasrite! Shopee is now having a sale of up to 70% OFF on all Korean related items plus another 37% OFF code on top of the already discounted items. Say what?! Simply put, there’s a whole lot of discounts happening in Shopee now for a limited time only.

Download the Shopee app here and shop your hearts out! You can also stand a chance to win a fully paid trip to Korea for 2 at the same time!

17 Things Only Malaysian K-Poppers Will Understand - World Of Buzz 4

Tumblr Lw0Jzf0Pfa1R0Nsai


9. We don’t find it surprising anymore that guys wear make up

Meh. As long as Oppa looks good.

Tumblr Inline Nak91A59Ar1S5Qdww


10. K-drama is really getting into your way of productivity

Korean dramas, music, videos and fandoms are honestly like a blackhole that sucks all the time away from you. It never ends! The next thing you know, it’s already past 12am. Anddddd your work is still untouched.

All The Time -_-:

(Nope…nothing adult related)


11. We get overly excited over the small things our celeb crush does

Even at something as tiny as scratching his/her nose.

Tumblr M69Edjwv551Rz5Ioyo1 500


12. When someone insults your fandom


This mudda better know how to block a punch.

17 Things Only Malaysian K-Poppers Will Understand - World Of Buzz 1


13. You aren’t single because you have a mental relationship with a celebrity that doesn’t even know you exist

One day, he/she will notice me, we’ll get married and make beautiful babies together.

Tumblr Inline Mgvntt28Ui1R2Lvtw


14. You roll your eyes at people who claim to be K-Poppers

but they only know Big Bang and Gangnam Style

Tumblr Inline Mor5Kga8Eo1Qz4Rgp


15. EVERYTHING is a KPOP reference

It’s not our fault KPOP keeps coming into our minds.

Science teacher: What started the Big Bang?
K-poppers: YG.


16. The ‘finger heart’ sign

Yeappp, try doing that to a non-kpopper and they’d think you’re a weirdo.



17. You dream of going to South Korea (if you haven’t went already)

Nmarket1 1412759337

And even if you have, it’s never enough. You feel like you BELONG in that country of beautiful people.

However every time when you check your bank account, you’d be like “WHY MUST FLIGHTS TO KOREA BE SO EXPENSIVE?”.


BUT WAIT! Here’s something special for you.

For this week only, Shopee is giving you a chance to win a 5D4N trip to Korea for 2 for FREE!

Tumblr Inline N0U977Uzhy1Qi9F95

and all you need to do is literally just these two steps. And it takes less than 2 minutes!

You just need to:

1. Download the Shopee MY app here

2. Follow ‘Shopee_Mamak’ on the app

We love the fact that it’s completely FREE to participate!

and that’s all, it’s that easy! 

A random winner will be lucky enough to win him/herself a 5D4N trip to Korea for TWO, inclusive of flight tickets and accommodation!

Download the app here and get your chance to win now:

17 Things Only Malaysian K-Poppers Will Understand - World Of Buzz 2

There is also a special prize for 100 other winners too! Hurry, this will only lasts till 10 April 2016. #shopeeKweek

You’re welcome. Just remember that if you win, remember to take me as your +1 on that trip :p 


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