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11 Christmas Gift Ideas for All the Things the People in Your Life are Obsessed With


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Source: PS150, Sephora & Crate & Barrel

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The holidays are upon us and it’s time for some serious gift shopping and party planning!

There are plenty of ways to select a gift – according to your budget, the recipient’s wish list, how easy it is to buy it and more.

Christmas Gifts Under The Tree


However, if you know what your family, friends, partners or colleagues like, buying something that matches their interests can make for an almost foolproof gift.

So, here’re 11 gift ideas for every passion and obsession you can think of!

1. For the alcoholics

We all have that one person in our lives who really loves their drinks. But instead of just getting them a bottle of their favourite alcohol, why not make the gift more fun and engaging?

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Get a bag and fill it with all the ingredients needed to make a certain cocktail like white rum, lime juice, mint and soda water for a mojito. This way, your gift recipient will have the option of enjoying their alcohol pure or with a twist.

Even better, turn this gift idea into a gift exchange idea if you have an alcoholic group of friends. You can exchange bags of the cocktail-making kits, and have a cocktail-making and tasting party!

Screen Shot 2017 10 25 At 10.36.30 825X450 1


2. For the beauty-lover

When it comes to skincare products, what works for others may not work for you, and vice versa.

If someone you know has particularly sensitive skin but you don’t want them to miss out on the products you swear by, that are highly raved or that they’ve been wanting to try, samples are a godsent.

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You can buy a set of these samples (like this Drunk Elephant one) or if you’re damn kiamsiap, you can go to a beauty brand experience store, like Kiehl’s and try to get as many sample packets as you can from the store.

3. For the makeup artist wannabe

Although not unavailable, samples are less common in the makeup world because we get to try them out in stores. Skincare products take a longer time to show results, so testing it in stores don’t really do much for customers.

Glossier New Reformulated Cloud Paints Dawn Storm Review Swatches 1


Therefore, for your makeup artists wannabe friends, try this “Best of The Year’ gift idea. Instead of trying to figure out what they’ve been eyeing on or what is most popular that year, make the gift more personal by picking out something that really wowed you in the last 12 months. 

For example, the Glossier Cloud Paint blush in Storm that I couldn’t help but reach for every makeup look I did!

4. For the artsy-fartsy one

When you’re choosing a gift for the artistic friend, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact items or products that they are used to using or are looking forward to using.

This is because there’re so many forms of art such as music, paintings, handicrafts like pottery, crochet, and candle making.

Crochet Starter Kit From Littlecratboxco D30A6C8


So, if you’re unsure what your gift recipient is into, we suggest getting them a kit of all the items needed to pick up a new art form or hobby, like some yarn, hooks and stitch markers in a cute pouch for crochet.

5. For the fitness nut

If you’ve been to the gym or running in your city, you’ve probably had the dilemma of whether or not to bring your phone, keys and other personal belongings.

Bindlebottle 5


This is because the weight of all these items and the sound of their jingling in pockets can get quite annoying.  

So, to save space, this clever water bottle “has a storage compartment in its base that can hold keys, credit cards, earbuds, and even a post-workout snack”.

6. For the home cook



To home cooks, their kitchen is their oasis. No matter the skill level, they love spending time in the kitchen, whipping up meals for themselves and others.

If you look into their shopping cart, you’ll find a bunch of decorative and practical kitchen tools, but also some ridiculous single-use gadgets.

Dial A Slice Apple Corer Slicer


The single-use gadget wish list is where you can get your gift ideas because usually, people are more hesitant to buy for themself something that they want, but don’t necessarily need.

7. For the homebody

This might be biased but the homebody is probably the easiest person to gift. Homebodies love their time at home (duh!), so anything that can give them more of a reason to stay at home is a win!

Image1 31


These days, we mostly watch Netflix on our laptops or TV so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to gift someone a projector.

It takes a bit more work to set up, but the end result of cozy nights under the covers with your loved ones’ favourite show playing will be worth it! 

8. For the workaholic

If you are buying a gift for a workaholic friend, you can either choose to encourage or discourage their hustle. 

Screenshot 2022 12 02 171229


To do the first, which is to encourage them to continue getting that bread, consider gifting them anything that would make work easier or more efficient. For example, this self-stirring mug because every minute of their time is precious!

Screenshot 2022 12 02 171608


But if you are trying to say, “Hey, I think you should relax a little”, try a stress relief toy. There are so many with cute designs on Shopee!

9. For the one that’s always on the go

Whether it’s for personal pleasure or work reasons, these people are always travelling! One week they’re in town and the next, they could be in another continent.

Screenshot 2022 12 02 170930


There’re a bunch of products that can make travel more comfortable and exciting. Since this person in your life travels so much, they most probably already have those things.

But your role is to get them similar items that are maybe more high-end or has a unique design. For example, check out this next-level travel bottle set that are also space-saving!

10. For the one with green fingers

If you know someone whose touch will make anything grow, you might consider gifting them something that’ll make gardening an even more enjoyable time for them.


Check out this repotting kit by bloomspace.co! Repotting plants is something all gardeners have to do to keep their plants healthy. So, while they probably already have the equipment for the task, this kit, especially the extra large potting tarp, makes repotting a more effortless and less messy task.

11. For the little ones

Last but not least, we can’t forget the little ones. It can be quite a challenge getting the perfect gift for a kid, as there seems to be so many new innovations and trendy items hitting the toy market all the time.



So, instead of getting the hottest toy on the market, try something more out of the ordinary and interactive, like this fort building kit for kids.


Do you have any more gift ideas? Share them with us!


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