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10 Types of Annoying Malaysian Drivers



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You haven’t truly experienced Malaysia unless you’ve tasted the food, drank the teh tarik, complained about the weather and humidity and ofcourse, experienced the awful drivers. Here is a list of the annoying drivers in Malaysia you’d meet on a daily basis.

1) Immediately honking after the light turns green


This is a baffling habit. It’s like walking into KFC, ordering a dinner plate and cheesy wedges and when the cashier is keying in the order, you ask him why hasn’t the food arrived?


2) Non-signal users


Signal? Susah lah… eat. drink, makeup, text and call when driving I can handle, but not signalling!


3) Fast lane hoggers

slow drivers

It’s called ‘fast lane’ for a reason. These lembu drivers really make a person tick by slowing the whole fast lane down and wasting precious petrol from cutting their slow asses.


4) Irresponsible double parkers


I get it if someone really couldn’t find any parking. If not leaving a phone number isn’t bad enough, there are people who double park but do not keep an eye out for their car, and after honking for ages, the offending driver walks out nonchalantly.



5) Lane cutters


You late, I also late mah!


6) Busy body on-lookers


Want to see the plate number for four digit mah…


7) Parking hoggers


With the huge number of vehicles in Malaysia, it already is hard to find a parking as it is, but some people really have to make it difficult for others. Instead of occupying one spot, they’ll just take two.



8) Stopping on yellow boxes


People who squeeze their car in because they didn’t want to wait for the next traffic light should pretty much be sentenced to hell. Okay, maybe not. But stopping on a yellow box when your lane is clearly not moving can prove to be a huge nuisance since it clogs up the road for other vehicles to get to the opposite lane.


9) Tailgaters


It is not a secret that eventhough you are driving at the maximum legal speed limit still means you are being overtaken left right and center. Faster cars drive real close behind you, so close that it’s as if their car is in love with yours and wanna kiss your buntut.



10) Revvers


If your car is a nice sporty car, say a Ferrari or Lamborghini, we could understand that you want to show off (and is entitled to do so, eventhough it could be annoying). But there are a few that pimp their mediocre cars and rev it as if their about to face in an F1 championship. #itsjustaProtonbro

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