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Woman Shares How Her Poodle Vomited Blood and Became Paralysed After Trip to Pet Shop



M'sian Woman Brings Poodle For Bathing, Came Home Vomiting Blood and Paralysed - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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On 16 March, a woman brought her poodle to a pet shop in Johor Bahru for a bath. The poodle went in as a healthy dog, but came out paralysed and even vomited blood once it was back home.

Source: Facebook

The owner was so furious that she asked her friend, Ivy to share the incident on Facebook to warn others about what happened to her poodle. Here’s the translation of the post.

“After coming home from having a bath there, it was barking in pain, and I noticed that it couldn’t walk anymore. So I quickly brought it to a vet. The vet said both of its hind legs have dislocated.”

She called up the pet shop and was told that the dog got injured by itself. Seriously?

Source: Facebook

“I brought my dog back to the pet shop and the boss changed his facial expression the moment he saw me. He denied everything and refused to be accountable over the incident.”

“I asked to see the CCTV footage but he said there’s none. I went to the bathing area and saw that there was a CCTV (mounted on the ceiling). I only managed to watch the footage after waiting there for four hours.”

PS: Ivy didn’t disclose what transpired in the CCTV footage. 

Later, the owner brought the poodle to a reputable vet to perform an X-ray scan, and the result was heart-breaking. Apparently, the dog’s pelvis was fractured. The vet said based on its condition, it’s very likely that the poodle had sustained a fall. 

Source: Facebook

The owner went back again to ask the pet shop’s boss, asking him to own up to the mistake, but here’s what the man replied: “Why did you bring the poodle to bathe in my shop?” He even challenged the woman to lodge a police report.

It’s worth mentioning that the shop owner didn’t even ask about the poodle’s condition, not even once throughout his conversation with the pet owner. That says a lot, doesn’t it? 

Anyway, we’re relieved to know that the poodle is on its way to recovery. Rest well doggo! 

You can read the original post with uncensored pictures here


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