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This Family is Breaking the Stereotype That Malay People Can’t Own Dogs



This Malay Family has a Four Big Dogs, Including a Wolfhound and a Husky! - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sinchew

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Dogs are cute and adorable, that’s a fact! Plus, they make the perfect companion and are loyal to their masters, which explains why this Malay family in Sibu, Sarawak has four dogs at home!

According to Sinchew, 23-year-old Intan and her husband, Ibrahim are animal lovers and they first started rearing dogs many years ago to guard their house against intruders and snakes. That’s when the couple realised just how protective the dogs are towards their masters. Fast forward to this day, the young couple has four dogs including a dog of local breed, a wolfhound, and a husky!

Source: Sinchew

In an interview with the reporters, Intan said that the wolfhound and husky are smart and alert. For instance, they’d bark profusely whenever strangers or suspicious vehicles stopped in front of their house in the early mornings.

Among the four dogs, the local breed dog named Bobby, is the most powerful one. Whenever Bobby spotted a snake, an iguana or a tortoise, it would bark or even attack the smaller intruders! In fact, Bobby once spotted a king cobra and bit the snake to death! Great job, doggo! 

She added that Bobby was still a puppy when her husband first saw it in the estate. It was wandering around and seeing how adorable it is, Ibrahim brought it home and made it part of the bigger family. Aww!

Source: Sinchew

Currently, Bobby is the only one allowed to roam freely because the other three still need to be kept in a cage due to their aggressive nature. We’re sure they’re all good boys nonetheless! 

With four big dogs guarding their house, I’m pretty sure their home is one of the safest in Sibu! Dogs are the best, don’t you think?


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