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Woman Puts On Expensive BVLGARI Ring, Forced to Cut It Off As Finger Was Too Thick



Woman Receives Ring Worth RM28,000 On Valentine's, Had To Cut It Off As Finger Was Too Thick - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: China Press

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Can you imagine the pain of receiving an expensive ring only to watch it being sawed into pieces in the same day? 

On 14 February, a Chinese woman living in Los Angeles received a BVLGARI ring from her boyfriend and it was perhaps one of the sweetest moments in her life. For those who’ve never heard of the brand, BVLGARI is an Italian brand specialising in luxury jewellery, timepieces, accessories and high-end perfumes. Needless to say, the ring wasn’t anything close to ‘affordable’ and it reportedly cost RM7,000.

Source: Omnidecor

According to China Press, the lady surnamed Wong was overjoyed and put on the ring as soon as she received the present. Admittedly, she has been indulging in some high-caloric food recently and as a result, her fingers had gotten a little thicker than before. We can relate to that especially after indulging in all that Chinese New Year food. 

Unfortunately, the ring got stuck on her finger and no matter how hard she tried to pull it out, it wasn’t working. To make things worse, her finger started to get swollen minutes later which forced her to visit the emergency department at the hospital.

Source: China Press

At first, the doctors on duty promised to try their best not to damage the ring while removing it. Sadly, they had to resort to sawing it and she had to pay a bomb for the medical bill! It was understood that the procedure cost her USD 10,000 (approx. RM40,700) and even after claiming from her insurance company, she still had to fork out USD2,000 (approx. RM8,100) to settle the bill.

Source: China Press

Heartwarmingly, the boyfriend didn’t get angry despite seeing how the ring was destroyed and even promised to buy her another ring that comes with a necklace! However, he did clarify that the BVLGARI ring was ordered based on the size of Wong’s previous ring. That’s true love yo! 

It’s painful to see such a gorgeous ring going to waste, at least we can see how true love came through in this incident. Isn’t that right guys? 


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