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Woman Almost Conned by Scammers Pretending to Call From Telekom Malaysia



M'sian Woman Almost Conned by Scammers Pretending to Call from Telekom Malaysia - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: TM / SCMP

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Nowadays, scammers are lurking everywhere looking for prey, and if you’re not careful enough, you can easily get conned by them.

Earlier today, a netizen named Lester took to Facebook to warn others after his mother received a call from some scammers. Here’s what he wrote.

Source: Facebook

“My mother received a voicemail from Telekom Malaysia (TM) saying my landline telephone service is about to be terminated because it was used in illegal gambling.”

“After the voicemail was over, a man named Jeff explained to my mother why the landline service had to be terminated.”

Source: MMO

Jeff told the woman that someone had used her house address to apply for another landline telephone, which was used in illegal gambling in Kuantan. He even advised Lester’s mum to lodge a police report at the Kuantan police station.

“My mother stays in KL, it’s impossible for her to go to Kuantan just to lodge a police report. The man then asked my mum to hold on and press ‘999’ in order to be connected to the Kuantan police station.”

Nice move, everybody knows 999 doesn’t lead to any particular police station.

Then, another man picked up the phone and introduced himself as a policeman from the Kuantan police station. He then asked for the woman’s particulars such as name, IC number, and house address.

“Just when he was about to transfer my mum’s call to another department, she hung up the phone. My mum noticed something was fishy and decided to call TM right after and asked for clarification.”

True enough, the staff denied everything after hearing about the woman’s story and urged her to lodge a police report, which she did.

Source: Facebook

After this news began circulating on social media, a few netizens also shared their experience in the comment section.

“I received the same phone call two days ago, and the details were exactly the same. They also helped me dial 999 to connect to the Kuantan police station. When I asked for their personal details to make a police report, they hung up on me,” a netizen said. 

Other netizens also jokingly said that TM only calls their customers to promote their latest packages, and will never talk about other issues.

Luckily this woman was vigilant enough to see through the scam, and she has definitely made the right move by calling TM to verify the initial phone call. Take cues from this smart woman, people! 


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