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“We’re lucky” M’sian Shares How Kind PDRM Officer at Roadblock Reminded Her To Be Safe



Source: The Westmorland Gazette & The Edge Markets

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There’s no doubt as to how hard our frontliners are working right now especially with the increased number of cases and more roadblocks being set up everywhere. Despite their exhaustion, it’s heartwarming to see some of them still being kind and understanding to us.

A Facebook user shared her story of how she saw first hand a moment of kindness from a PDRM officer that made her day. Shanti (name changed for privacy reasons) had an extremely long day at work and was driving back to Ipoh from Sitiawan. It was raining while she was waiting at a roadblock and the cars were at a standstill.

As she was feeling cold, she unfastened her seatbelt to put on her cardigan. When her turn to approach the checkpoint came, Shanti put on her mask and took out her travel permit. However, the PDRM officer without checking her letter just kept on looking at her funnily.

“Do you know what you’re doing wrong?”

Panicking, Shanti explained that she has a travelling permit and that she’s coming back after work. The officer just repeated his question and she just stared at him blankly. He then asked if she had a license to which she said YES immediately. When she made a movement to reach for her handbag, the officer asked her a simple question, “Do you know that you should wear your seatbelt while driving?”

That’s when she realised she wasn’t and she could not help but burst out laughing! At the same time, she was nervous and dreading the fine or scolding she was sure to receive. She told the officer shakily that she just took off the belt to put on her cardigan.

The officer just calmly said, “When you see a roadblock ahead of you, make sure you are wearing your seatbelt, okay.”

Shanti ended her post by thanking the officer who showed her some kindness despite his busy day. She also reminded Malaysians to always wear their seatbelts! Speaking to World of Buzz, Shanti said the one thing she would like to tell our PDRM officers and frontliners is that how lucky we all are to have them.

“We are really lucky to have you all. Malaysia is ultimately still surviving because of your selfless acts of kindness. Stay amazing!”

It’s amazing to see our frontliners being so selfless despite battling an invisible enemy on a daily basis. However, not all PDRM officers will let you go if you’re not wearing a seatbelt, so make sure you’re following road safety rules at all times!


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