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“We will investigate” Sushi Jiro Denies Claims Of Serving Pork After Viral Accusation



Source: Sushi Jiro & Saori | Pinterest

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If you’re a fan of affordable and delicious sushi, you would have definitely paid a visit to Sushi Jiro. The popular eatery has branches all over Malaysia and has garnered a strong fan base from its reasonable prices and varied selection of sushi choices.

Unfortunately, the eatery has recently been put under the spotlight for questionable reasons. Yesterday (24 March), a Facebook post went viral after a customer who recently planned on dining at Sushi Jiro claimed that the famous restaurant allegedly serves pork.

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“Hi friends, I just wanted to share something with you all so that you can be a little bit more careful,” shared the user who said that she was lining up to get a table at the eatery when one of the female employees allegedly whispered to her and told them that there were menu items made from pork.

“My husband and I gasped as there were many Muslims in the shop. I asked many times to be clear but she did not let me into the eatery because I am berniqab (covered from head to toe except the eye region). I was saved by Allah because of the niqab I’m wearing. But I still feel sad as I didn’t know what to do after that. Pity my Islam brothers and sisters who were cheated by the restaurant’s food. Let’s all be more careful.”

Since then, the post has garnered over 13,000 shares with many expressing their concern about the kind of food being served by the sushi chain. However, Sushi Jiro has since stepped forward to address these claims and deny all allegations.

Nonetheless, this isn’t the first time the restaurant chain’s halal status was questioned. Previously, an employee from the restaurant’s management appeared to answer a question posed by netizens on Tripadvisor concerning whether the eatery was halal-certified.

According to the employee, the eatery does not have halal certification as they serve beer and some of their dishes contain mirin (sweet Japanese liquor) for tasting purposes. (Update: Sushi Jiro reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ to rectify that they have stopped serving beer since 2018. However, they still have dishes that contain a small amount of mirin for cooking purposes. Nonetheless, they express that they are working on their recipe to become alcohol-free eventually.) They also emphasised that all of the restaurant’s meat-based products are from halal-certified suppliers and the restaurant is pork-free.

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Source: Sushi Jiro
Source: Sushi Jiro
Source: Lobak Merah
Source: Lobak Merah

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