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Watch This Woman’s Hilarious Reaction & Dramatic Escape After Being Surprised With Large Snake



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Source: Twitter

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They say to overcome your fears, you need to face them – provided you are willing and ready of course. But what happens when what you fear the most appears right behind you without any warning? Well, it’s either one of the following options – fight or flight!

In the moment of her greatest fear, a Singaporean woman only had one thing on her mind – GETTING OUT! Her fear? Snakes!

Source: Twitter

On 2nd July, a video was posted on Twitter by Angela Rodriguez, who recorded her colleague’s sister’s hilarious reaction when she was faced with her greatest phobia. The video went viral on Twitter with more than 100,000 retweets and about 300,000 likes at the time of writing.

The entire scene happened at Singapore Zoo where she attended a show called ‘Rainforest Fights Back’. During the show, people from the audience can volunteer to participate by joining the demonstrator on stage, where they are given the chance to hold an average sized snake, small enough to be handled by one person.

Source: Twitter

But what the participant doesn’t know is that a larger snake, about ten times bigger, is carried out by five people from the back as a surprise.

Angela’s colleague’s sister was a participant herself and from the looks of it, the demonstrator can be heard giving her a countdown to touch the smaller snake that was placed in front of her. However, she could only let out a scream as she hesitantly attempts to touch the snake. The audience laughs and cheers in response.

Source: Twitter

After a few seconds, she musters enough courage to lightly graze the snake with her hands as she continues to let out small outbursts of high-pitched shrieks. This took up all of her attention that she didn’t even notice the monstrous snake looming behind her as the audience can be heard gasping in terror.

Source: Twitter

The moment she set her eyes on the humongous python, she freaks out as she crouches to the floor and tries to get away from it, but slips and falls flat on her face in her pursuit of escape. She then immediately rolls over, springs up from the ground and almost leaps into the artificial pond in front of her.

Thankfully she is saved by the demonstrator who pulls her back to safety as she continues her escape by running back stage and shivering in disgust.

Watch her iconic escape here:


Wew! I wouldn’t wanna be in her position!

While it must’ve been a traumatic experience for her, I must say that her dramatic escape was kind of hilarious.


What are your greatest fears? How would you react if what scares you the most appears in front of you without warning? Let us know in the comments below!


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