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Viral Tweet Shows Somebody ‘Chup’-ing A Parking Spot Using A Headstone in Johor



Viral Tweet Shows Somebody Chup-ing Parking Spot With A Headstone in Johor - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Ipoh Echo & Twitter

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The issue of people rushing to book parking spaces is nothing new for Malaysians. We’ve heard of people standing in empty parking spaces to ‘chup’ the spot and double parking is the norm for many of us. However, this person took calling dibs on a parking spot to a whole new level.

A Twitter user known as @BerndYamin posted a photo of somebody who actually tried to book a parking spot by using a headstone in a Johor Bahru residential area, reported mStar. Yes, a headstone as in those you put on someone’s grave!

Don’t believe us? Just take a look!


Source: Twitter

How scary does that look? The Twitter user’s caption accompanying this pic clearly shows his frustration because he said, “This person ‘chup’ the parking spot using a headstone.”

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time it happened. According to mStar, another Twitter user uploaded a picture of the person booking the parking spot with a headstone back in February this year. Do they need a parking spot that badly? This Twitter user would like to be known as Nuar.

The picture gained viral attention when it was posted on Twitter again by another user on 22 July and the latest tweet has about 10,000 retweets.

After mStar contacted Nuar, the Twitter user didn’t want to reveal his true identity and they had only moved to the area about a year ago.

“I started living in this area from last year. The headstone is still here until today. The first time I saw it, I was shocked. After that, I’m just angry because the person ‘chup’ parking just like that. I think the owner is an old couple who has been living here for a long time,” they added.

According to Nuar, they are aware that the latest picture has gained viral attention on Twitter. Netizens were quick to share their thoughts on this matter.

Source: Twitter

One of the Twitter users said “If I wanted to park the car there at night and I saw this headstone there, I would have gone the other way.”

Another user voiced their fear by asking Yamin to never ever touch the headstone.

On the other hand, another netizen thought that this matter should be reported to the authorities.

Source: Twitter

The netizen wrote “Just make a report about it, bro. There are laws for this. Even I’m disgusted when I see this kind of attitude.”

It’s understandable why people are frustrated with the person’s behaviour. We’ve seen people ‘chup’ parking spots with chairs, stones and even flower pots. Now, it looks like headstones are the new thing…?


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