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Upgrading Your Home 101: 6 Smart Household Items All M’sians Need To Know About!


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Source: Pinterest & FemoranSecurity

We all know the term “smart home” but what does it really mean? Simply put, it refers to a cohesive home automation setup where appliances and devices can be controlled automatically from anywhere with an internet connection using your mobile device! Sounds so cool, right? 

That’s because it really is! The allure of smart home automation is incredibly strong especially when you can do things such as have your own virtual assistant prepare a cup of coffee for you in the morning to having the lights automatically switch on when you enter a room.

But what are some of the smart household items that Malaysians can incorporate into their homes? Let’s have a look!


1. Toss your keys away, it’s time for smart locks!

Doorlock Phone 1920Px

Traditional lock and keys are now a thing of the past with smart locks providing a lot more safety benefits to its users. Connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth, you have 24/7 access to see who’s going in and out of your home at all times! With features such as voice activation and the ability to lock and unlock your door no matter where you are, we’re talking maximum security stuff here, guys!

Perfect for: Those who have vacation rental homes such as Airbnb for a seamless customer experience or even those who tend to misplace their keys.
Price range: RM400 – RM1,200


2. Ensure maximum safety in your home with a smart doorbell


With features such as face recognition for regular visitors to announcing visitors as they drop by, a smart doorbell is something we all need! Some smart doorbells even double as CCTV cameras with mics! Now that it’s MCO again, you can make use of this function to watch your delivery rider drop off your parcels too. You can even speak to them via the mic instead of face-to-face which is way safer too!

Perfect for: Those living alone so you’ll always know who’s visiting without having to get too close to the door.
Price range: RM800 – RM1,400


3. Smart home bulbs allow you to get lost in a world of colours 


This is a smart household device that we’ve all definitely heard of! Smart bulbs are all the rage now, being so inexpensive and accessible to many of us. Some smart bulbs allow you to control them via an app which gives you access to a timer, the ability to choose from 16 million colours for your lights as well as switching it on or off from your phone!

Perfect for: Those who live in a small space so you can change the vibe of a room with just one click!
Price range: RM80 – RM1,400


4. A smart toilet allows you to upgrade to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle! 

Img 8398 6.1

Toilets are easily one of the most bacteria-infested places in our homes and what with everything going on in the world now, we need to make sure we practise good personal hygiene as well as maintain the cleanliness of our homes.

With that said, smart toilets are great because they have technology that allows us to clean up after ourselves without touching anything that could be covered in bacteria.

That’s why brands like Coway have introduced products like the BATERI BIDET! Their first ever battery operated smart bidet that provides Malaysians with a hands-free hygiene experience! 

That’s right! Gone are the days when automated toilets were only something we could experience overseas. This amazing technology is now available in Malaysia and fully accessible to us thanks to Coway. Make sure to read till the end to find out more about this amazing invention plus an irresistible promo! 😉

Perfect for: Germaphobes or those who prioritise living a hygienic lifestyle as well as households with kids or senior citizens.
Price range: RM49 – RM1,390


5. Get a smart home sensor that can do all the work for you! 

Philips Hue Motion Sensor Light Sensitivity In Philips Hue App

There are many different types of home sensors ranging from ones that can detect smoke or fire all the way to motion sensors that can assist to switch off lights when a room has been vacant for awhile.

Perfect for: Those who live in a big house so the sensors can help you save electricity or alert you of anything suspicious. Also great for those who can never remember to switch off the lights after leaving a room.
Price range: RM200 – RM800


6. Convert & control non-smart household items with a smart plug! 


Home automation is so flexible that you can even control non-smart home devices with the help of a smart plug! All you need to do is connect the smart plug to WiFi and then plug your devices into the smart plug and voila, you can control it via your mobile device!

Perfect for: Those who are new to smart home devices and would like to incorporate the technology to non-smart devices.
Price range: RM100 – RM500


Now that you know all about these awesome smart home devices make sure you start purchasing them online and turn your home into a smart one! They’re perfect to have especially during this MCO period. In fact, if you’re looking for the Coway BATERI BIDET that we were talking about earlier, here’s what else you should know about it:

Img 8405

Coway’s BATERI BIDET is extremely functional while ensuring not to compromise on style at all & it also boasts eco-friendly features which we love seeing how it’s kinder to Mother Nature! <3

Are you wondering how it works exactly? Here are some features that the BATERI BIDET comes with:

  • It’s fully battery-operated which means you do not need wall sockets or troublesome wiring.
  • Two water pressure controls & four directional water settings to make sure you never miss a spot. 😉
  • A self-cleansing nozzle that ensures the nozzle cleans itself before & after each use for maximum hygiene!
  • It is also water-resistant which makes it safe & splash-proof!


But wait! We’re not done! The BATERI BIDET also packs a punch with these other features:-

A Soft Closing Seat Cover 

Coway Bateri Bidet Soft Close Seat And Cover

A gentle & silent cover that’s perfect for modern homes! 


Smart Seat Sensor

Coway Bateri Bidet Smart Seat Sensor Function

The BATERI BIDET only activates when it detects human weight to avoid accidental splashes! Perfect if you have curious little kiddos who like to press buttons around the house!


Low Battery Indicator

Coway Bateri Bidet Low Battery Indicator

Once the batteries need to be replaced, you’ll be alerted right away!

Ahhh, these are such amazing features! You’d think that owning such a luxurious household item will break the bank but guess what? We’re here to share even MORE good news!

With Coway’s rental payment scheme, now everyone can afford to upgrade their lifestyle!

At only RM49 a month, you can own the BATERI BIDET and even get FREE service for 5 years!

However, if you’d like to purchase it outright, it’s only RM1,390 and you’ll get 1 year’s worth of free service! We think that’s quite a steal for such an amazing product.

But that’s not where the good news ends!! Coway is currently running a promotion for their BATERI BIDET which makes it even MORE affordable for us! <3

From today until the 22nd January 2021, pay only RM39 a month and you’ll get:-

  • 5 years of free service
  • RM200 waiver of rental processing fees
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste holder as free gifts! *while stocks last

For Reference Bateri Bidet Advetorial Promotion Kv Eng V2101

This promotion for the BATERI BIDET is not to be missed so be sure to get on it quick, guys!

With Coway’s successful track record, we’re pretty sure this smart bidet will be flying off the shelves. To know more about the BATERI BIDET, check out their website here!

Have you experienced a smart bidet before? What are your thoughts on it? Share with us in the comments!



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