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Unclaimed Delivery Parcels from DHL Are Being Sold at Ramadan Bazaar for RM15 Each



Unclaimed Delivery Parcels from DHL Seen Being Sold at Ramadan Bazaar for RM15 Each - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook & Yelp

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Buying things online always comes with the risk of receiving damaged packages or wrong items, and sometimes the package might not even arrive at all. This could be due to a fault in the delivery system, or due to the package being sent to the wrong address. But there may be a chance the package is being sold at a Ramadan bazaar.

According to Malay Mail, a Ramadan bazaar in Kangar, Perlis was seen selling delivery packages to the public for RM15 each. The packages seem to be unclaimed delivery parcels that have DHL Express Malaysia’s logo on them.

This ‘business’ was discovered when a photo of a group of people at the bazaar surrounding several delivery packages and examining them went viral on social media this week. DHL Express Malaysia was alerted of this and has since been conducting investigations on the matter.

Source: Facebook

“At DHL, the safety and security of our customers’ shipments are of paramount importance,” said DHL’s spokesperson in an emailed statement.

“We are currently conducting an internal investigation on this matter and will take the necessary actions as swiftly as possible.”

The viral photo was posted on Facebook page, Viral Media Malaya, where hundreds shared their experiences of losing deliveries in the mail, and many questioned if items sold in this manner can be considered halal income given that they are essentially stolen from the rightful owner.

Source: YouTube

“First time seeing people auctioning off unclaimed postage deliveries. One box for RM15. Not sure what is inside. There are big, small, light and heavy boxes,” the caption reads.

“We don’t know who this seller is, whether he is from the courier company, or a sender. Maybe he did all this himself.”

The post has since garnered about 1,200 comments and 600 Likes, but the poster also claimed to have no knowledge of the alleged seller.

I wonder how those packages got there and how that seller get his hands on them. What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments below!


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