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Uncanny Resemblance? Netizens Say Syed Saddiq Looks Like This Alien From An Indonesian TV Show!



Source: Televisi Indonesoa & Syed Saddiq

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Well, guess there’s another thing Malaysians have claimed from Indonesians!

Despite being deep-in the Movement Control Order, this hasn’t hindered the sense of humour of fellow Malaysians. Over on Twitter, there’s an account called Televisi Indonesia that posts funny screen grabs from Indonesian shows. One of it was a man reciting prayers for an ALIEN that was lying on a hospital bed.

Besides the ridiculousness of the whole premise, does the alien look familiar? Netizens were quick to name one person and it’s none other than Former Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq.

Can you see it?

This finally caught the attention of Saddiq himself who tweeted asking why is everyone tagging him in the tweet.

Netizens questioned the Muar MP if he has resorted to acting to fund for his laptop project and his party, MUDA. The party is currently selling its MUDA T-shirts for RM50 which has received backlash from some Malaysians.

“T-shirts from party MUDA costs RM50 for a design like that? Is Syed Saddiq using that money to go Mekkah? UMNO and BN t-shirts were free, never had to pay even a single cent!”

Syed Saddiq replied to this tweet by shading political parties who allegedly take bribes to fund their parties.

In his tweet, he mentioned that there are many ways for a party to raise their funds which include:

  • Taking bribes
  • Taking a “cut” from government contracts
  • All their funders are big tycoons.

“I chose to do crowdfunding. If you want to scold, go ahead. As long as our principles and struggles are not compromised. Even our expenditures are transparent. We even show receipts.”

It’s great to see Syed Saddiq still being able to have a sense of humour while handling Internet trolls at the same time. Coming back to the main issue is Syed Saddiq secretly an alien actor in Indonesia?


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