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Tuition Teacher Rapes Underage Student 285 Times & Promises to Marry Her When She Turns 18



Tutor Rapes Underage Student for a Total of 285 Times & Promises to Marry Her When She Turns 18 - WORLD OF BUZZ
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A tutor from Southern Taiwan was recently convicted because he raped one of his underaged students for A TOTAL OF 285 TIMES.

According to ETToday, Lan (the victim) began taking tuition classes at his tuition centre since she was 11 years old. Before the girl turned 14 years old (in 2014), the tutor confessed his love for the young girl by promising her that he will marry her once she turns 18 years old.

Unknowing that her trust was being misused, she agreed to date him because of his sweet talks. However, she decided to discontinue their relationship when she turned 16 because she found out that he’s going to get married to another woman, as reported on China Press.

In order to “save” his relationship with the minor, Fang told the victim’s mother that she had been meeting with bad people online and that it was affecting her school performance. He even told Lan’s mother to confiscate her phone, as well as banning her from going online! Excuse me. What the actual fuck?

Not only that Lan was grounded, but Fang continued to spread the news that would negatively affect her image. Feeling helpless about her situation, Lan finally sought help from her mother by telling her the truth. Her mother immediately lodged a police report after being told that the tutor had been having sex with her daughter.

Fang tried to deny that he raped Lan, and he said they only “held hands and kissed”. Fortunately, Lan provided sufficient evidence with descriptions of her sexual experiences with him in her notebook. Not only that, but she was also able to recognise the characteristics of his penis by remembering the shapes and sizes of the moles on it.

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Lan went through a checkup at the hospital, and two perforations could be found on her hymen, proving that she was indeed sexually active. She said that they had sex almost every day just within the first week of dating. Besides, she also admitted that they had sex 129 times (within eight months) before she turned 14 years old, and another 156 times for the following 7 months.

Fang was sentenced to 9 years and 6 months of jail for raping an underage girl.

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