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Top 3 Habits Of Very Fit Malaysians



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What separates a fit individual and a fat, sluggish person is their habits. These 3 common habits are the traits found in Malaysians who are insanely fit:


1. Enjoy exercising for loving thyself

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What makes fit people is that they love exercising. They find exercising interesting, part of being well and caring for themselves in which they would work even harder for the concern of their own embodiment. Fit people would find the time or at least make the time so they could exercise. They also believe that exercise is an inseparable part of their life. A form of necessity like eating. When you have that sort of mentality, working out would be second nature to you. It comes naturally and it will be part of your routine naturally.

Fitness is all about commitment and continuity. Being committed for the first 2 weeks and being a couch potato thereafter will not work. Effort reaps results.


2. Sufficient sleep


Get enough of sleep! That is when you body recovers all the torn cells and develops stronger muscles. During sleep, your body would repair damaged cells from your workout and getting enough of sleep if very crucial for a fitter body. Staying awake all night watching your favorite series will only refrain and disrupt the process, so don’t. In addition to that, sufficient sleep is needed in order to maintain a strong immune system,metabolism and anti-aging.

Did you know that your organs require sleeping time too? And that there is a specific range of time where certain organs needs its rest? Sleeping on time(early is always better), is good to ensure a optimal metabolism rate. Not only that, sleeping late would only stresses up your hormones and skin, which may result in higher probability of an acne due to hormonal influx. The stress on the skin would also stretch it, causing it to wrinkle faster. The recommended amount of sleep is at least 8 hours a day.


3. Breakfast, Cheating and Support


Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Not only does it helps fuel your body, it also helps in awaking your senses when you’re eyes are still half-wide open. Having a good breakfast is critical to sustain you throughout the day and would avoid you from being fatigue easily. A bowl of cereal wouldn’t take you long, and its filled with great nutrition to keep you as healthy as a horse ;).

As for cheating, it isn’t what you think it is. When we say cheating, we meant that fit people do take some time off on certain day(s). They know that maintaining a healthy and fit diet for a long stretch of time isn’t gonna accommodate the brain very well. Certainly, eating the same type of meals daily can get a little dull and frustrating. Which is why very fit people have this common habit of cheating. It’s like an off day where you get to reward yourself with any food after a tough week of eating plans. Now now…stop your Tinder and stay faithful to your partners.

Finally, one of the common thing about tremendously fit individual is that they have proper support. Yes, support in any form from mental to physical help. A constant motivation through compliments or fueling the drive to be fit is very important. This helps to push you further. Also having support from physical workouts could also help you gain bigger muscles. You do not have to worry about failing to exert enough force as your partner will always be ready to support you should you fail. A workout partner can do a lot of good in supporting your workout and providing companionship, but it isn’t necessary if you don’t have one. Working out alone is no harm.

Now let’s do some lifting and squats.


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