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This M’sian Online Store Is Now Selling ‘Plash Speed 5 WiFi Router’ With Ahem… ‘WiFi Remote Control’



Source: OOKAS @ Shopee

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So uh… how many of you here know about the ‘Plash Speed 5 WiFi Router’? You know, the brand new white colour one, got remote control and all. Very good right, can speed up your WiFi at home, no need scared cannot watch TV drama anymore.

Okay, we’re clearly talking about the new PlayStation 5 here, and how it officially without a doubt, looks like a WiFi router. Down to the white plastic sides and shape. Which means, many of us gamers will now be able to trick our less wary significant others into ‘sharing’ the cost of a brand new ‘WiFi router’ at home.

So in order to help you accomplish that ploy, an online store on local e-commerce platform Shopee is now offering the brand new… ‘plash Speed 5 WiFi Router’ for all your WiFi needs at home.

And what makes this all the better is that the ‘Plash Speed 5 WiFi Router’ even comes with a ‘WiFi Adjuster Remote Control’ to uh… control your WiFi remotely, as well as antennas to help complete the illusion.

Plus, if you need someone to help you install your brand new ‘Plash Speed 5 WiFi Router’, you can pick between hiring an ‘experienced’ one for RM200 per trip, or a ‘fresh’ one for RM80 per trip.

Obviously, none of this is real and they aren’t offering the ‘Plash Speed 5 WiFi Router’ for sale lah. It’s a clever marketing gimmick that spawned from an old YouTube video made by a Korean cartoonist, which you can watch here.

But honestly, when the PlayStation 5 is finally open for preorders, we have to say that this Shopee ad might just come in handy to help you convince your significant other to splurge for a new… router. Ahem.

The Sony PlayStation 5 was announced on 11th June 2020, and is expected to hit shelves by later this year. 


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