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This Malaysian Decided To Show His Abang Delivery Some Love & We Can’t Stop Crying!



Source: Facebook/Amir Hasan

Needless to say, ever since the MCO started back in March 2020, a lot of things have been turned upside down.

And while it did send many Malaysians into panic mode, our unsung heroes in the front lines, like our selfless abang-abang and kakak-kakak delivery, have remained relentless in supporting us while we are homebound. Although it might be easy to take our frontliners for granted sometimes, it’s good to remember that they’re humans too and a little kindness can go a long way.

One such Malaysian, by the name of Amir Hasan, decided to do his part to say “thank you” to his abang delivery from Lazada too and it’s giving us all the feels. Watch how it went down below:


Thank you abg lazada! Hahaha :joy: ##givingback ##everydayheroes ##enjoyyourgift

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic


In the video he posted on TikTok–which has since received over 23,000 likes and more than 500 comments in just one day–Amir includes a caption which, translated to English, reads “This abang delivery always sends parcels to my home but this time, he’s delivering his own parcel. 😂”

The video started off with Amir meeting his abang delivery at his condo lobby where Amir gave him an entire packet of food. You can see how surprised the abang delivery was when Amir said “ini untuk abang” (this is for you). This is already making us emotional. 😭

Just look at the abang delivery’s face when he was given the packet of food! <3

At first, the abang delivery expressed his gratitude for the food he received, until Amir told him that the parcel he was holding in his hands was also a gift for him!

The abang delivery was even more surprised by this and even laughingly said “Jangan main-main Encik Amir” (don’t play around, Mr. Amir). But Amir explained that this was his way of saying thank you as he appreciates how his Lazada parcels are always delivered fast, on time, and in great condition.

Look how happy the abang delivery was to know that the huge parcel was actually for him!

From the video, it’s evident that even just a tiny gesture of goodwill goes a long way in making the people who work tirelessly to bring us our orders everyday very happy.

Amir also posted about his surprise for the abang delivery on Facebook, which has since gotten over 200 shares and 200 comments which included lots of heart-warming thoughts from other followers about their own experiences with their abang delivery.

Aren’t you grateful for your abang delivery too!

And if you’re all wondering what Amir had gifted his abang delivery, it’s this awesome Bluetooth speaker!

We’re pretty sure the abang delivery was really moved by Amir’s generosity and probably tearing on the inside because we definitely were when we watched this video!

But don’t get us wrong! While delivery workers may really appreciate big gifts, you can always start small. After all, small acts of kindness like this aren’t very common but when they do happen, it will definitely put a smile on all the abang-abang delivery’s faces. This way, they’ll know that they are well appreciated for all their hard work.

Think about it! Rain or shine, Lazada delivery staff always do their best to get our parcels delivered to us fast so we can enjoy our shopping from the safety of our own homes. So remember to always be kind to your abang-abang delivery okay!

Once again, here’s a BIG thank you to all the abang delivery out there! We hope everyone’s #EverydayHero gets all the recognition they deserve! Y’all are the real MVPs!


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Source: Amirhasan_
Source: Amirhasan_
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
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