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This Kind-Hearted Boy Has Been Piggybacking His Disabled Classmate to School For 6 Years



Source: Sichuan Online

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This young boy is definitely someone who goes above and beyond for his friends!

A disabled boy was able to go to school for 6 years of his schooling life without experiencing any problem only because of his good friend Xu Bingyang, who carries him to school every day.

Xu Bingyang, 12, carries Zhang Ze to school regardless of the weather, Daily Mail reported. The young boy also helps his friend get his lunch and move between classrooms to attend different lessons without experiencing any discomfort.

At the age of 4, Zhang was diagnosed with a rare muscle condition. The incurable condition is called myasthenia gravis, which has caused Zhang to lose control of his voluntary muscles in his legs, making it difficult for him to walk on his own.

According to Sichuan Online and Xinhua, the kind-hearted boy, who is much taller and stronger than Zhang, told reporters that it was his pleasure to be his friends “walking stick”. He went on saying that it was easy to lift Zhang behind his back due to his weight. Xu was quoted as saying,

“I weigh more than 40kg while Zhang Ze only weighs about 25kg, it was fine for me to lift him.”

Meanwhile, Zhang expressed that he was incredibly grateful to have a friend like Xu, saying,

“Xu Bingyang is my best friend. Every day, he studies, chats, and plays with me. I thank him for looking after me like this every day.” 

The journey for the pair hasn’t been easy. Sometimes, it would take the boys three minutes to move from their classroom to the toilet. To cover the short distance, Xu would gently hold Zhang by the hand or lift him up from the side so that they can slowly move forward together.

To walk up the stairs, Xu would carry Zhang on his back. Apart from carrying him, Xu also helps his friend by refilling his water bottle, handing him his homework and taking him to the bathroom.

“For so many years, Xu has continued doing good deeds and never complained in front of the teachers and classmates,” one of the boys’ teachers told Sichuan Online.

Xu’s mother wasn’t even aware of her son’s selfless behaviour at the beginning. She said her son was shy and he never discussed his good deeds with the family. She ended up finding out what he did from the boy’s classmates.

When Xu was asked about his desires, he said that all he wants to do is continue helping others around him.

Check out the video of their story here!

Good friends are hard to find, and we’re glad these two boys found each other!


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