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“They disregarded our feelings” M’sian Artist Heartbroken Over ‘Pillars of Sabah’ Removal



Source: Pillars of Sabah | Facebook & Pillars of Sabah | Facebook

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Over the weekend, the Sabah online community received the shock of their life when images of the historic site turned famous artwork “Pillars of Sabah”, which was completely removed and covered with white paint, were shared over the internet.

Pillars of Sabah is a community art project that features the local artists’ work, displaying the richness of Sabah’s culture and identity. Each pillar features artistically unique talent and styles from various artists.

Internet users were outraged as the Pillars of Sabah took to their Facebook page to share the heartbreaking sight of white walls painted over the once vibrant artwork contributed by the community.

Pillars of Sabah in April 2019.

In 2020, Pillars of Sabah was said to be a product that helped to boost tourist attraction. However, the disappearance of the paintings on 31 pillars by 31 artists over the weekend caught the Pillars of Sabah coordinators and artists by surprise as they were not informed of the changes.

WORLD OF BUZZ took the time to interview Loriot J. Moujing, the eldest artist of the group, on his reaction towards this situation.

According to Loriot, he heard the news the night the images went viral on 18 April, leaving him saddened and disappointed.

Loriot J. Moujing, the first to complete painting his pillar with the theme “Resolve”.

They completely disregarded the feelings of the local artists. Whatever new project coming up we welcome but for courtesy’s sake, please inform us, even if it is only a one day notice.”

Loriot added, that many friends and members of their own family haven’t even had the chance to visit the site yet.

Artwork of artists removed overnight.

Sabah Art Gallery (SAG), which approves any art projects at the ruins, clarified that the ‘clearance’ of artworks is to make way for another upcoming community project called the WOW (Wonders Of Wilderness) Project.

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